10 Hottest Movie Villains Ever

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Congrats to Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Commander John Harrison in today’s new release Star Trek Into Darkness, for waking me out of cryosleep and forcing me to remember how hot a good movie villain can be. Star Trek Into Darkness is shaping up to be a killer sequel to J.J. Abrams‘ unbeatable 2009 original, and in honor of Cumberbatch’s sinister, dead sexy allure, we’re counting up the 10 hottest villains ever!

10. Tom Hiddleston in Thor



Tom Hiddleston is a jovial and cool-seeming guy in interviews, but in Thor, the thespian’s unflinching intensity and sheer weirdness make for an unusual, cartoonish, but sexy villain. If Loki is a trickster, the greatest trick he ever pulled was challenging Chris Hemsworth’s sexiness and succeeding.

9. Christian Slater in Heathers



Nothing makes a villain hotter than sardonic one-liners, and Christian Slater spouted them without hesitation as J.D. Dean in this classically macabre high school comedy. For a cold-blooded murderer, he seemed to have a pretty admirable attitude. I’d let him interrupt my croquet game with a couple of homicides, sure.

8. Tyrone Power, Witness for the Prosecution



Hollywood’s debonair leading man who kept on wooing Linda Darnell in the Zorro series also had a dark side, at least when it came to Agatha Christie murder mysteries. In one of his last and very best roles, Tyrone Power used his haunting eyebrows and devilish good looks for evil, hoodwinking Charles Laughton into believing his innocence. He’s so hot and austere, even Marlene Dietrich found herself in desperate love with him.

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