10 Reasons We Will Never, Ever, Ever Stop Loving Paul Rudd

These days, there are very few “sure things” in entertainment. But one thing we can always count on is that if Paul Rudd is involved, we are in for a treat – be it a treat of stupid dancing, goofy voices, or just a flash of that preciously wicked smile.

Okay, so the early notices for Admission – in which he stars alongside the equally amazing Tina Feyare pretty bad. But I think we can look past that. Rudd is often the best part of the movies he is in, and he’d have to turn in a bad performance in a legitimate disaster to erase decades of comedy goodwill. Heck – at this point Paul would have to pull a full Michelle Shocked to fall from our favor.

Allow us to enter the following exhibits into evidence…

10. This portrait by Brantley Gutierrez:

No idea. Not going to question it, just going to enjoy.


9. If he was good enough for Cher Horowitz, he’s certainly good enough for us.

Rudd landed on many of our RADAR screens thanks to the classic ’90s teen fantasia Clueless, in which he played the bitchy, overeducated romantic foil to the hopeless, undereducated Cher (Alicia Silverstone). Adorable, well-read, AND rich? Sign us up.

8. This photo spread:


I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

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