20 Gay TV Characters You Should Definitely Not Date!

When our sister site AfterEllen.com recently presented their list of 25 TV Characters You Should Not Date, we laughed along while smugly shaking our heads and thinking, “So many undateable women!” Then we started our own list … and our smiles turned to tears. It’s not that the gay men on our list don’t have their strong points, but as you’ll see, the cons outweigh the pros.

Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood

Pros: Hooker, please. You can’t handle what he’s got to offer.

Cons: Prostitute; V dealer; Suffers from post traumatic stress-from-being-chained-to-a-wheel-in-vampire-dungeon disorder

Dateability: Lafayette is fun and fierce, but don’t take V with him or you’ll soon be seeing floating voodoo tchotchkes and talking with your dead Grammy about future plot points.

Teddy Montgomery, 90210

Pros: Hot as hell; Rocks a wetsuit

Cons: Can only get life insurance from Art Linkletter; Likes shaking fist at clouds; Bursitis constantly flaring

Dateability: Teddy is hot, and his heart is in the right place, but it’s difficult to date a guy you’ll only be able to see for four minutes every other week.

Blaine Anderson, Glee

Pros: Will serenade you at your place of work

Cons: Will serenade you at your place of work; Hogs all of the good solos; Will only kiss you after animal death

Dateability: Blaine will get your heart racing in his skin tight jeans, just keep a close eye on him when he drinks.

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