And thus we come to the end of another year here on the good ship AfterElton.com! We’re going to be taking some time off and will return to our regular
blogging and posting schedule on January 5th with a brand new Brothers & Sisters recap explaining just what was up with those Kevin smooching Julia pics.

But knowing how many
folks might be stuck with too many straight relatives over the holidays, we want to make sure you’re able to get your daily dose of gay. With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a look back at the BEST.GAY.YEAR.EVER! And what a year it’s been!

Heath Ledger, Matthew Mitcham, Proposition 8 protesters

We’ve had great highs — Matthew Mitcham‘s surprise gold at the Beijing Olympics, the success of Milk and horrible lows — the death of Heath Ledger, the passage of Proposition 8. Each month includes links to that month’s most popular articles and blog posts (not counting the regular columns all of which you can find here), along with any relevant updates, as well as our Man of the Month. Plus, as a special bonus, at the end you’ll find our Year in IMHO whereby I give all the programs we follow (almost all anyway!) their final patented up, down, or sideways arrow.

Plus on the very last page we finally reveal that undigitized picture of Paul Rudd naked on Saturday Night Live

So sit back, relax and enjoy! And while we’re away, feel free to chat amongst yourselves and post any news in the forums. We might even be checking in there ourselves. 

The guys who bring you Angry Puppy compiled the
Ten Best Gay and Bisexual Science Fiction Characters and folks went crazy discussing it making it the most popular feature this month. Not much will have changed by the end of the year when it comes to out sci fi characters though we do learn about the  show Virtuality which has gay characters and Battlestar Galactica’s Lt. Gaeta will finally come out by the end of the year — in a webisode.

Our second most popular article was the news that Jon Robbi Baitz was out of a job in a Backstage Shake-Up at Brothers & Sisters

Over on the blog, a lot of folks shared my feelings about Why Heath Ledger’s Death is like a body blow. To commemorate his loss, we put togethter a pictorial tribute to the man who died far too young. Not everyone is so broken up by Heath’s death including Fox’s John Gibson who actually  mocks the tragedy. Gibson later apologizes, but not even conservative talk show host Joe Scarborough isn’t buying it. Naturally, Gibson goes on to whine "I’m the victim!" and after the Momon church helps pass Prop 8 in November, they’ll claim the exact same thing. 

In other news!

Captain Jack (John Barrowman) lays one on Captain John (James Marsden)

  • We take a look at sketch comedy’s greatest gay hits.
  • Project Runway‘s Jack Mackenroth sits for an interview. We heart him to pieces and all year long he’ll keep doing great work for HIV visibility.
  • Before he got around to trashing Hollywood, Americans, and most everyone else, Rupert Everett first  starred in St. Trinian‘s.
  • Chemistry.com’s gay inclusive campaign continues. By the end of the year, homophobic eHarmony.com will have settled a lawsuit by starting a gay dating site. Only Log Cabin Republicans sign up.
  • Survivor‘s Todd Herzog discusses how he became the second gay man to be the last man standing and how he did it while keeping his clothes on. We wouldn’t have minded a little skin, Todd!
  • Perennial gay-crush and hottie Nate Berkus is set to host Oprah’s Big Give. Alas, it turns out to be much ado about nothing as Nate doesn’t have much to do.
  • Margaret Cho chats about her ongoing tour. Unfortunately, it’s a bigger hit than her new show which will tank later in the year. 
  • Heath Ledger isn’t the only actor to die young as Brad Renfro dies at age 25.
  • We review Mitchell Liechtenstein’s Teeth. No, not his real teeth. It’s a movie!About a vagina that bites. Oh, never mind.
  • AfterElton.com reader Jerome comes up with the idea for The Kiss Campaign! The very clever plan will go on to get international coverage!
  • Heroes‘ Zach is still gay. In a comic anyway. In a bit of karmic retribution, the show’s ratings and critical acclaim slide all season long. 
  • In December we interviewed Ugly Betty’s David Blue but it wasn’t until this month that everyone started reading it.
  • Columnist Tom O’Neil suggests that same-sex rape makes a movie gay. I think he’s off base by about a thousand light years.
  • Outsports picks best sports pics of 2007.
  • Our January Book column is about gay artists and gay travelers
  • Barack Obama announces his favorite character on The Wire is Omar, the gay one! Even so, Barack still doesn’t favor giving Omar the right to marry his same-sex partner. Oh, well. One step at a time.
  • AfterElton.com blog editor Brian Juergens shares all the details about his evening with Kathy Griffin

And the MAN OF THE MONTH for January is — WILSON CRUZ!

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