25 Men Who Might Actually Consider Posing for “Playgirl”!

You can’t buy the kind of publicity Playgirl magazine has received for getting Levi Johnston to pose naked.

Well, actually, I guess you can. What did the magazine pay the ex-future-second-son-in-law anyway? Given all the ink and pixels that have been spilled over this, it was pretty good deal for Playgirl, especially since the word now is that he didn’t even do the whole lumberjack.

Not surprisingly, the magazine is said to be eagerly looking for other famous folks willing to disrobe.

We have some suggestions.

But let’s face it: Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Evans are never going to pose naked for Playgirl. The same goes for virtually every other person on our annual Hot 100 list. These folks are at the very peak of their careers, and they need neither the money nor the, uh, exposure.

That said, there are plenty of other familiar faces (and bodies) that the magazine could approach that would be well worth seeing: has-beens, never-weres, and other lower-level celebrities that are still very, very hot.
So here’s our list of the men who might actually entertain the possibility of posing naked that we’d like to in Playgirl next:

Jesse Metcalfe

Why He Might Do It: He made a big splash in Desperate Housewives … in 2004. And, well, the anticipated movie career never really took off, did it?

What He Might Cost: Not that much. Wait a year, and it’ll be even less.

Odds He Might Actually Do It: 1 in 5.


Survivor: Cook Island‘s Yul Kwon

Why He Might Do it: Reality show celebrity is a very peculiar kind of fame: the whole world knows who you are and celebrates your every move. Then, two years later, you’re a question on Jeopardy … that no one gets correct. And that’s really true when it comes to Survivor winners not named Richard Hatch.

What He Might Cost: A million dollars — which he will then donate to some bone marrow charity. Yes, he’s apparently just that nice.

Odds He Might Actually Do It: 1 in 50.


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