30 – Love: The Hot Men Of Tennis 2013

Whippersnappers not allowed

Despite its outward civility, Professional Tennis can be a brutal sport for the players, and the sell by date for most is around age 30, give or take a couple of years. So it takes a dedicated athlete to carry on in the face of Father Time, lingering injuries, and young phenoms nipping at your Nike’s.

In the past couple of years we’ve paid tribute to the ATP Top Twenty Players and the Hottest Players Outside The Top 20, and as this year’s Australian Open commences, we’re going to look at all of the players in the Top 100 who have crossed the “30” milestone mark.

They may be the tennis equivalent of Methuselah, but they can still teach the young guns a thing or two!

Roger Federer – 31

Ranked #2, Roger is still going strong long after most pundits had written him off. Last year he won his seventh Wimbledon title and regained the #1 ranking, proving the naysayers wrong and solidifying his status as the GOAT.

David Ferrer – 30

Ranked #5, David has made the most of his quickness and tenacity to settle in just below the “Big Four,” and is playing the best of his career late in his tennis life.

Tommy Haas – 34

Ranked #21, Tommy has been one of the hottest tennis guys for fifteen years, and has thankfully experienced a career resurgence as of late, which hopefully means we can watch him swing freely (google “Tommy Haas No Briefs” for more info) for more years to come.

Mikhail Youzhny – 30

Ranked #25, Mikhail has been up and down the rankings for a number of years, but his occasional hot temper gets in the way. If he could only learn to better use his head.

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