9 Out Gay Actors and the Biopic Roles They Should Play

Not long ago on Twitter, Bret Easton Ellis said that Matthew Bomer couldn’t possibly play the testosterone-spewing lead role in the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey because he’s openly gay. I personally find that statement more incendiary than insightful, but let’s move onto a more interesting concern: Who should our gay actors be portraying on the big screen? Here are nine gay thespians who’d be perfect on screen in these real-life roles. Jane Lynch, hold onto your seat.

1. Chris Colfer as Ricky Nelson

There’s something about the ’50s teen idol that’s never been replaced. The combination of innocence and the burgeoning power of new rock ‘n roll made for a parent-approved, yet slightly dangerous mix. Chris Colfer can pull off talk-singing like most McKinley High upperclassmen, and therefore he and his wide blue eyes are perfect for the role of snarling sitcom scion Ricky Nelson.

2. Cheyenne Jackson as Cary Grant

He earned some Elvis cred with his Broadway show All Shook Up, but Cheyenne Jackson is more cerebral and cunning than Mr. Presley. If we’re talking about iconic screen figures, he’s much more suited to play the dashing, smooth-talking Cary Grant. I vote for his To Catch a Thief era, personally.

3. Matthew Bomer as Montgomery Clift

This is a no-brainer, and not just because Bomer himself has bandied the possibility of playing the august, ultimately tragic actor of the ’50s and ’60s. The nose, mouth, forehead, and blistering stare speak for themselves, but Bomer would be perfect in portraying Clift’s intelligent screen presence and conflicted inner life.

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