A chat with actor Matthew Morrison of “Glee”

At long last FOX airs a new episode of Glee tonight at 9:00pm, and in honor of that we’ve got a brief interview for you with actor Matthew Morrison, who plays glee club coach Will Schuester. We were lucky enough to grab Matthew for a few questions at July’s Television Critics Association conference.

Here’s what he had to say about his gay fans, working in musical theater, and what lengths he would go to in order to land a spot on AfterElton.com’s Hot 100….

Warning! Some spoilers follow.

AfterElton.com: I couldn’t help but overhear, you think you
have more gay male fans than female fans? You really think that’s the case?
Matthew Morrison:
I think from my Broadway days and now doing this show,
some people are calling this the gayest show on TV — it’s gayer than Ellen
Degeneres. Yeah, I definitely have a ton of gay fans, which I’m happy with.

AE: So you don’t mind being on the gayest show
in television?
Absolutely not.

AE: Does your character interact with Kurt? I
interviewed Chris earlier and I know some of his story. Are you involved with
his coming out at all or anything going on with that?
Yes, I will have some involvement with his coming out. He comes out to
me and I’m definitely there for him when he comes out. It’s like a group coming
out kind of event that happens.

Morrison (right) with actor Chris Colfer, who plays gay teen Kurt

AE: Did you have any experiences in your
theater life or even in high school with friends coming out?
Oh absolutely. Actually, my college roommate, I was the first
person he came out to. A lot of friends have come out to me.

AE: I know you’ve done some big Broadway stuff,
but does the hoopla around Glee feel
bigger than the Broadway plays and musicals?
Broadway stuff only reaches a certain level. There’s only so many
people you can reach with Broadway. This is a whole different level. I probably
wouldn’t be talking to you…

AE: You probably would.
Well, you, Michael, definitely. [laughs] More people saw the pilot of
this show than saw me in the entire ten years I was on Broadway. Just the
amount of people it reaches, you can’t compare it.

Morrison’s Tony-nominated performance in South Pacific

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