A pictorial tribute to birthday boy Lance Bass

Today is out former boybander Lance Bass‘s birthday. His … thirtieth birthday. Lance Bass is thirty. Which makes me Methuselah.

Since coming out (and the break-up of *NSYNC) Lance has kept busy with charity work, an appearance on TV’s Dancing With The Stars and film appearances (his cameo at the end of Tropic Thunder was the highlight of the movie).

Let’s jump in the wayback machine and take a peek at Lance’s look over the last decade … the good, bad, and huh?

With Girls Gone Wild skank Joe Francis and rapper Li’l Wayne. Wait … what? (All pics: Getty)

With out former B-baller John Amaechi

With former boyfriend Reichen Lemkuhl

Umm ….

Being molested by Kathy Griffin

The early years , part one

Performing at some sports thingy

A living doll

The early years, part two

With former bandmates Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone. Is it just me, or is Justin wearing one of David Byrne‘s old suits, and why is Joey wearing an Edith Prickley cast-off?

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