Adam Lambert On Living Proud And Rocking Out


TBL: Was there one song in particular you loved doing, or the crowd loved hearing?

AL: The thing that’s so crazy about their set list, and the catalog of songs that Queen has created is that they’re all over the place. They’re so diverse, they have so many genres they borrow from, different sounds and flavors, so it’s really case by case. There are days when I get a kick out of one song, and then another night where I’m like “this one felt really good tonight,” but I really love them all.

TBL: When do you head Down Under?

AL: Well, first we’re going to Asia. We leave on Monday and we’re doing Korea and two shows in Japan. Then after that we go down to Australia.

TBL: Is it going to be a different set list?

AL: I think it’s probably going to stay mostly the same

Will we ever see Starchild again?

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TBL: Is there any chance at all you’re going to make one more appearance on Glee

AL: I have no idea! Technically they were “hey, you’re going to have five episodes” and we said great, cool, and then I filmed the five episodes and had an awesome doing it, so I don’t know.

TBL: We can only hope! Finally, I know you can’t say anything about the new album, but … can you say anything?

AL: Ha! Well, it’s gonna be good, I think! I’ve been working on it a lot earlier this year, and I’m going to continue working on it after the Australian leg of this tour. But it’s gonna be great! I think people will really be into it.

TBL: Is there an ETA?

AL: I honestly don’t know. It has to be finished first, and the Queen tour got extended, and that has definitely shifted the timeline a bit.

TBL: Thank you so much Adam! I know our readers will love hearing from you.

AL: Yeah! Thank you.

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