AfterElton Briefs: A Hot “August,” NPH and David Burtka Celebrate Father’s Day, Weird Al Dons The Meat Dress, and More!

Happy 42nd Birthday to Peter Paige

  • Horrible no-talent asshat Denis Leary is set to write and exec. produce an adaptation of the British series Sirens for USA Network. “It revolves around a trio of paramedics who bicker, fight and shag their way through the darkly funny maelstrom of their lives.” Expect casual homophobia.
  • Is it defamation to call someone gay? A judge has allowed a man to proceed with a libel suit against a woman who alleged he was gay, saying that under current law, the “assertion of homosexuality constituted defamation.”
  • Below you can see Weird Al with “Perform This Way.” I don’t think this is one of Al’s greatest hits. Gaga‘s changing looks are already a form of self-parody, so when Al wears outrageous costumes, it’s just falls flat. What do you think?

  • Our pal LoveLure has details about an auction featuring items up for bid from ATWT star Eric Sheffer Stevens, including his character Reid‘ s Harvard diploma and the script for Reid’s final appearance. The proceeds will benefit the Vermont Shakespeare Company.
  • Just Jared has pics of NPH and David Burtka taking their chipmunks Harper and Gideon out for a Father’s Day dinner. Too f**king cute. All of them. But now I want a baby … and a Burtka.

  • Billboard (aka “Snicks’ Bible”) has published 20 Great Gay Moments in Music. They cover a lot of the required bases, but what’s your pivotal gay moment in music?
  • The feature-length film August is an expansion of the award-winning short film Postmortem, and the official site has pics and a hot trailer of what looks to be a provocative experience. (h/t crawfish po boy).

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