AfterElton Briefs: A Huge “Ugly Betty” Spoiler, Goodbye Blake, the “Glee” yearbook, and More!

Plus the strange case of Olivia Newton-John‘s ex, birthday cupcakes, and … SATAN, Darling!

Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear. Yes, we’re serious. each Friday Briefs will also feature a pic up top that desperately needs captioning. We’ll pick our fave suggestion from the comments and run it in the following week’s post. Have fun! Drop your caption ideas in the comments, and check out last week’s winner at the bottom of the page!

Happy Birthday to David Hyde Pierce, who turns 51 this weekend.

  • In what’s gotta be a strange twist of fate, Icon Olivia Newton John‘s presumed dead ex-boyfriend is now presumed alive. Which I always kinda suspected.

Happy Birthday to Graham Norton, who turns 47 this weekend.

  • has more pics from the Glee issue of Rolling Stone, including a hilarious Yearbook compilation. My favorites … Jane Lynch and Mark Salling.
  • In sad news, John Forsythe has passed away at the age of 92. He had many memorable roles including Bachelor Father and the voice of Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, but to all of us 80′s lovers, he will always be the stoic Blake Carrington on Dynasty. Among other things, Blake: accidentally killed his gay son’s lover, married his secretary – who wore a Prince Valiant wig and rarely spoke above an emotional whisper, was duped by his wife’s evil doppelganger, constantly confronted by his ex – the Queen of all Soap Bitches, endured iconic catfights between his former and present wife, watched as both his son and daughter magically became different people, survived a wedding massacre, and shook his head slowly when his daughter told him she was abducted by a UFO. And through it all, John Forsythe kept his dignity, and made us believe every second.

And today’s Briefs are brought to you by…

Drop your caption ideas in the comments (And please remember to keep the captions PG-13!), and check out last week’s winner below!

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner this week (because the imagery is perfect) is …

“I swear there was this coyote and he had an Acme Anvil this big…”

Thanks to Campion for this week’s winning caption.

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