AfterElton Briefs: “American Horror Story” Will Give Us Chapter Three, The People’s Choice Awards Are Gay Heavy, and Anderson Cooper’s “Party Python”

  • Birthday shoutouts go to Jonny Lee Miller (above), who is 40, a belated happy birthday to AE reader pdentgrou, Judy Gold is 50, Ed Asner is 83, and Frida is 67.
  • The People’s Choice Awards nominations have been announced, with Glee and Vampire Diaries tied for the most with five. And four of the five nominees for Favorite Comedic TV Actor are gay men: Chris Colfer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris and Ty Burrell.

  • In ratings news, Arrow continues to impress, drawing its second-largest audience.
  • Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Vs. the “Party Python.”

  • Below you can see Betty Bowers, Heaven’s Realtor..

  • Continuing the Official snicks Top 100 Lost Hits of The 80′s … And here we are. The Ten Greatest Lost Hits of The 80′s! At Number Eight is … “Hanging On A Heart Attack” by Device

  • We’ve had a few songs from the faboo Holly Knight on the list, as a solo singer, songwriter, and member of the group Spider, and here she is one last time as a member of another short-lived 80′s group, Device. They released one album in 1986, with lead singer Paul Engemann, who would later go on to front Faux Animotion. Despite Holly’s success with other artists, chart success continued to elude her, and the failure of Device would continue that trend. But they did give us one great album of perfect mid-80′s pop, including the awesome “Hanging On A Heart Attack,” which somehow stalled at #35 in August 1986. Here’s the clue for #7 – “There’s A Pretty Girl Serving At The Counter Of A Corner Shop”

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