AfterElton Briefs: “Beer With Ben,” Happy Birthday Captain, A Primal Adam Lambert, and More!

Here’s last week’s caption pic winner. This week’s caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is …

“Daffy Duck and Bulge Bunny.”

Thanks to CthulhuKid for this week’s winning caption.

Performing in Sunset Boulevard in 1994.

  • Happy Birthday to John Barrowman, who turns 44 today. Below you can see the video for “What About Us,” which didn’t receive nearly the attention it deserved when it was released in 2009.

  • Wondering the fate of your favorite TV shows? Inside TV has a scorecard of which shows are sure to be renewed, sure to be canceled, and on the bubble (including Brothers & Sisters).
  • One show not on the bubble is superhero flop The Cape, which has now suffered the final indignity. NBC pulled the final episode from the schedule, and if you want to see it, it will be streamed online at tonight at midnight EST.
  • The Ben Cohen Acceptance Tour will be visiting Atlanta, New York, Washington and Seattle in May this year and “will be raising awareness and funds, standing up against homophobia and bullying and standing up for equality, tolerance and mutual respect.” If you live in England, however, the Village Spartans Rugby Club in Manchester and the Kings Cross Steelers in London will hold “Beer with Ben” evenings with the rugby God to raise awareness and funds for the tour.

  • Adam Lambert talks about last night’s American Idol performance, his feelings about Lady Gaga, and he previews his upcoming album (which he calls “less campy” and “more primal.”)
  • Pink is the New Blog has adorable pics of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka in Hawaii with their kids.
  • The Twilight cast and crew are in the Vancouver Island beach area in British Columbia, and they were evacuated briefly just as a precaution after the Japan tsunamis. It was much ado about zilch, but that didn’t stop co-star Tinsel Korey from going gloriously, hilariously over-the-top in her “final” tweets to her “fans.” (which she’s since removed from her Twitter account.)

  • A scheduling heads-up. While Ed is in San Francisco for a blogging convening, I’ll be handling the weekend and Monday memes. Because I wasn’t invited. But hey … we’ll have fun! Maybe it’ll be all-cat versions.

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