AfterElton Briefs: “Breaking Abbey,” When Sir Ian Met Anderson, and Pedro Almodovar Pays Tribute to The Pointer Sisters

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  • Weekend Birthdays! (Note: Birthday shoutouts are for out entertainers, allies, or for any celeb that seems to have a following on AE). Geoff Stults (above) is 35, Krysten Ritter is 31, Michael Shanks is 42, Helen Slater is 49, Don Johnson is 63, and Patty Duke is 66.
  • Scott Evans has entered a not guilty plea to buying cocaine from an undercover cop.
  • In ratings news, Glee was down 10%, but Scandal had the best ratings of its run.
  • Below you can see Ian McKellen talk to Anderson Cooper about coming out.

  • Stephen Colbert presents Breaking Bad … as performed by the men of Downton Abbey

  • Below you can see a teaser for Pedro Almodovar‘s next film I’m So Excited, which features three male flight attendants lip-synching to The Pointer Sisters. If the entire movie involves lip-synching to The Pointer Sisters, it may be the greatest film ever made.

  • Continuing the 50 Greatest 80′s TV Theme Songs/Openings!, Here’s #37, Love, Sidney
  • Airing on NBC from October 28, 1981 until June 6, 1983, Love, Sidney started out as TV movie about a gay man and his relationship with a single mother and her five year-old daughter. When it became a series, Sidney became a “confirmed bachelor” (although there were hints through the series about Sidney’s sexuality, especially toward the end). The theme song “Friends Forever” was performed by series stars Tony Randall, Swoosie Kurtz and Kaleena Kiff.

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