AfterElton Briefs: Bryan Safi Takes on CNN’s Gay TV Invasion, “Gaydar’s Warrior Angels,” Dissecting Nadal, and More!

Plus Gaga continues to amaze, Nate Berkus rings a bell, what is a “Prehomosexual,” and Eddie McClintock gets good news.

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“♫ I’m forever blowing bubbles…♪ Bubbles! Get in here!”

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Weekend Birthdays! Out Director Bryan Singer turns 45, and out singer Tegan Quin turns 30. Her out twin sister Sara also turns 30.

  • Speaking of DADT, below you can see Lady Gaga take a stand for equality. I know many of you don’t like her music or coldcut couture, but the way she’s using her celebrity is extraordinary.

  • New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup is back home competing in the national championship, and he spoke to Otaga Daily Times about what a positive experience coming out has been.

  • The Pope is visiting the UK, and he was met by Gaydar’s Warrior Angels. Hey, they’re angels, he should like that! It’s a tribute.

  • Ed mentioned Adam Lambert‘s altercation with a paparazzi, and it turns out that he may face a battery charge.
  • Via The Onion comes this perfect illustration of the strong and weak sides of U.S. Open Champ Rafa Nadal. (This is specially dedicated to reader surferdude.)

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