AfterElton Briefs: Cheyenne Jackson’s Cocktail Hour, The Latest Network Cancellation, and Bill Maher Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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  • Happy Birthday to tennis studmuffin Fernando Verdasco (above), who turns 28, and Frida, who’s 66. We’ve done a couple of ABBA top fives, so I want to give a special mention to Frida’s solo classic “I Know There’s Something Going On,” which has the honor of being #10 on the Official Snicks Top 100 Of The 80′s. Congrats, Frida!
  • You can add NBC’s Prime Suspect to the list of the season’s cancellations.
  • Below you can see a preview of Cheyenne Jackson’s Cocktail Hour: Music of the “Mad Men” Era, which will be performed at Carnegie Hall on Friday night.

  • Below you can see Larry The Cable Guy and a positively thrilled looking Eric Stonestreet at the Sirius studios.

  • I’m currently playing the hell out of Super Mario 3D Land, but don’t tell PETA. They’re currently targeting the plumber because of his Tanooki Suit, which they say promotes the wearing of fur. They urge you instead to play Super Tanooki Skin 2D, which I would, but it sucks. The logo is cool, though. (h/t Rob)

  • Bill Maher Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Awkward. Cringe. Wince.

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