AfterElton Briefs: “Glee” Is Everywhere, “The English Patient” Gets a Rewrite, Paris Barclay Speaks, plus “La Dolce Vita”

True Blood gives another taste, ogling ballet dancers, the Golden Girls gets ruined, and animals may not be gay, but what about pets?

A Muppet and Matthew Morrison? SQUEE!

  • Fox has announced Gleek Week starting today, with social trailers, Facebook gifts, MySpace takeovers by Rachel and character introductions on Fox during their regular programming.
  • Chris Currey has a post up called "How the GOP Purged Me" and the whole thing is a fascinating read. The first paragraph gives you the direction, but then he fills in years of backstory in a very personal voice.

I am an old Republican. I am religious, yet not a fanatic. I am a
free-marketer; yet, I believe in the role of the government as a fair
evenhanded referee. I am socially conservative; yet, I believe that my
lesbian niece and my gay grandchild should have the full protection of
the law and live as free Americans enjoying every aspect of our society
with no prejudices and/or restrictions. Nowadays, my political and
socio-economic profile would make me a Marxist, not a Republican.

  • It’s Monday, so True Blood has given us another "Waiting Sucks" video, this time highlighting Tara, and a rather hunky man that she doesn’t appear to want to get closer to.
  • Stories continue to circulate that Constance McMillen was sent to a fake prom with seven other duped students while everyone else attended the real prom outside the county, and that the school was complicit in the deceit.
  • Broadway’s Nick Adams continues his diary of rehearsals to be a Cagelle. This time he discusses learning to pole dance. And while there are pictures of the Cagelles (not in costume) dancing, they are sadly not shown wrapped around a pole in a giant cage.
  • I’ve seen two new trailers for Glee‘s back-nine episodes today. One was horrible quality, but this one evidently hit Hulu last week and nobody noticed. I hadn’t seen it anywhere.

  • E!’s Save One Show’s voting has a Top Five you can vote for to have Kristine lobby the network to renew a bubble show. While I’m sure everyone is going to run off and vote for Chuck, if you loved me you’d throw your weight behind Better Off Ted.

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