AfterElton Briefs: Golden Girl Death Wish, “Glee”‘s Platinum, Johnny Weir Goes Faux and more.

Amber Riley poses with the freshly arrived gold and platinum records.

Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear. Yes, we’re serious.

  • Oscar-nominated Colin Firth made a considerably more eloquent statement on the problem of the closet for gay actors that the one he made in December. And he’s right — he shouldn’t get honored for being brave and playing gay. Fortunately he’s great actor, too. 
  • Greg Louganis will be starring in a production of The Little Dog Laughed at the Indian Wells Theater April 15-25.
  • A pair of lesbian royal albatrosses in New Zealand had a baby, and the zoo didn’t intervene to make it happen. One went out, had herself a fling and is now raising the healthy chick with her wife.The father is undetermined and will not be part of the chick’s upbringing, thereby threatening the marriages of all albatrosses. Sorry – I felt like I was writing about humans for a second.
This picture has a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?
  • Buried deep in this New York Daily News column is a note Betty White sent the ailing Rue McClanahan that said "I hope you die, so I can be the last Golden Girl." Rue loved it as well as the flowers Betty sent.
  • Sir Elton John and David Furnish will be producing Geoffrey Naufft‘s Next Fall at the Helen Hayes Theater starting March 11. The play tells the story of a gay couple who struggle with their religious differences.
  • Not only did Glee receive their two gold albums and four platinum singles above, they’ve achieved parody status. snicks found this clip of Jimmy Fallon trying to make it to sectionals to pay for cue cards. I wish Jimmy would do more stuff like this and less of, well, everything else on his show.

  • There’s one thing that can make Johnny Weir rein in his flamboyant costumes, and that’s threatening letters from anti-fur activists. It’s not the first time Weir has run a-fowl (I am ,em>so sorry) for elements of his costume, but he bowed to pressure rather than risk his Olympic performance being disrupted.
  • sat down with James Franco at Sundance and spoke about Howl, but they also touched on some fun things including what his Columbia and NYU classmates think about him. It actually sounds fun, plus he got James Marsden to act in a student film because one of Franco’s classmates asked. Most of my classmates just wanted me to buy them beer.
  • Reader NC Dude asks the question: How many readers joined after all the publicity? So we thought we’d ask and count.
  • The Broadway production of La Cage Aux Folles has launched an interactive website. If you notice that you need to click a button to turn on the sound, Dr. Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer welcomes you. Mildly related: David Badash has more pictures candid pictures of Cagelle Nick Adams at yesterday’s NOH8 photo shoot.
  • Reader Michael tipped us about this yesterday, and I forgot to congratulate Westlife‘s Mark Feehily and Kevin McDaid on their engagement. All our best to the happy couple, on both the engagement and their five year anniversary.
The happy (and devastatingly handsome) couple.
  • Something else I forgot to mention, the new video game Mass Effect 2 has no gay options, despite being from the same studio that gave us the great gay bordello options in Dragon Age 2.
  • I have a copy of Jeff Sheng‘s photography book, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell that I’m going to talk about in some detail later in the week since it’s a subject I care about, but the Los Angeles Times has a great piece today you should read.
  • Fox Animation Domination has a Valentine’s Day card generator for their characters. Don’t get too excited – the closest you can get to a gay card is Roger the Alien talking about VD or a number of Stewie cards talking about poop.
  • If it weren’t Darren Star behind this I’d be concerned, but HBO is developing a project about former beauty queen and noted homophobe Anita Bryant. We’ll take fantasy casting picks in the comments, but snicks may have nailed it when he nominated Aughra from The Dark Crystal.

It’s the beauty inside that matters, right?

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