AfterElton Briefs: Happy Birthday Diva, the Collapse of “The Advocate”, Breaking Down the Maine Defeat, and more!

Happy Birthday to the diva of divas! Kathy Griffin turns 49 today.

Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear. Yes, we’re serious.

  • File this under “inevitable”. According to TMZ, the reason why Carrie Prejean dropped her lawsuit against the Miss California USA Pageant is because they got their hands on her homemade sex tape.
  • is running an ad for that is raising eyebrows. The ad in question is on the right-hand side, halfway down the page. It’s not one of those Exorcist screamer pranks, but it’s close.

Icon Sir Ian McKellen at the N.Y. premiere for the remake of The Prisoner

  • Seattle gay rights activist Paul Barwick is interviewed about the first time he applied for a marriage license … in 1971.

Bert, Ernie, Wallace and Gromit

  • Happy 40th anniversary to Sesame Street and happy 20th anniversary to Wallace and Gromit. I adore the latter, but as for Sesame Street, well, I always more of a Big Blue Marble kid.
  • ABC’s reVamped V garnered huge ratings in its debut, becoming the highest-rated 8 p.m. drama series debut since Lost. I missed the debut, and until I hear about unhinged jaws swallowing guinea pigs, I think I’ll skip it.
  • Various groups in Glasgow, Scotland are up in arms over the new play Jesus, Queen of Heaven, which depicts Jesus as a trans woman.

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