AfterElton Briefs: Introducing Superhero “Bunker,” NPH Will Come On Down, Adam Lambert Prepares To Unleash, and More!

  • Happy Birthday to Kevin Zegers (above), who turns 27, out singer Tegan Quinn is 31, her out identical twin singing sister Sara (who I believe is also 31), and rock goddess Lita Ford, who’s 53. Below you can see her greatest song. The opening line is the story of my life.

  • The Price is Right is celebrating its 40th anniversary this season, and over the next few months you’ll be able to see classic moments, the biggest showcase showdown in the show’s history, and January 2nd will see the start of Celebrity Week … which will feature a very familiar face.

  • Below you can see The Spurf talk to Chris Colfer on the Emmy red carpet about what’s in store for Kurt and Blaine

  • You can watch Adam Lambert as the guest judge on Thursday’s Project Runway, and last week he tweeted this major news about his sophomore album.

  • Below you can see Bunker, the new gay superhero in the relaunched Teen Titans. Apparently the purple and pink was so your gaydar would be “pinged right off the bat.” If you click on the link, beware of the comments, which contain variations on, “This dude is just like that douche from Glee“.

  • It happens every year, and this was no exception. The list of TV stars omitted from the Emmy Roll Call Of Death.
  • Oh dear. Apparently the Glee Vs. Modern Family Emmy fight has been taken to a new level, with Sarah Hyland mocking Lea Michele‘s red carpet schtick.. After Lea’s fans ripped into her on Twitter, Sarah refused to apologize. It’s all much ado about nothing, but let’s turn it into something!
  • A scheduling note – BriOut is dealing with a family emergency, so there won’t be an A-List: New York recap this week, but we will have another video edition of The Easy A-List.
  • Finally, the U.S. ban on openly gay servicemembers will expire at 12:01 AM tonight, and the new regulations will take effect.

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