AfterElton Briefs: Jake Gyllenhaal On Stage, The Day Of Silence, and “Glee” Gives Tina Something To Do

  • Birthday shoutouts go to James Franco (above), who is 34, Tim Curry is 66, Ashley Judd is 44, < and Kate Hudson is 33.
  • In sad news, the original Barnabas Collins, actor Jonathan Frid, has died at the age of 87, just weeks before the remake of Dark Shadows hits theaters.
  • Bravo has announced six new reality series, including Untitled Male Model Project (and I think they should definitely keep that name), and Heirs Of Palm Beach. I could say something snarky, but … Eden’s World.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal will make his American stage debut in August in the off-Broadway play If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet!
  • The oft-ignored Tina may finally have something to do on the May 1st episode of Glee. What could be happening here?

  • Speaking of which, just a reminder that tomorrow is the Day Of Silence. Do you know anyone planning to participate?
  • Zach Wahls on the expulsion of a lesbian Boy Scout den mother.
  • We’ve got two highly entertaining Rachel Maddow clips, as she takes on the history of the “ex-gay” movement.

  • Below you can see the trailer for Leave It On The Floor, about the L.A. Ball culture scene. You can watch it on Logo this Saturday at 10 PM ET.

  • Congrats to StevenJ71, who was the first to correctly guess the character and film from yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ®

  • Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Below you can see a character from a famous movie. Can you name it?

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