AfterElton Briefs: Lance Bass Dates a “Housegay,” Bryan Safi continues his “A-List: Los Angeles” Quest, and More!

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“”Golddiggerlocks and the two bears. ”

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Happy Birthday to Margaret Cho, who turns 42 this weekend.

  • Below you can see Bryan Safi continue his quest to be chosen for The A-List: Los Angeles. His special guest is The A-List: New York‘s Derek, who at least has a sense of humor about how horribly he and his co-stars came across. BTW, if you want to help Bryan achieve his dream, join the Bryan Safi for the A-List Faceplace page.

  • In the absolute funniest thing I’ve read all week, Bristol Palin has struck back at Keith Olbermann for naming her “Worst Person in the World” for that hilarious PSA she did with The Situation: “Accusing me of hypocrisy is by now, an old canard. What Mr. Olbermann lacks in originality he makes up for with insincere incredulity.” Yes, yes, I totally and completely believe that Bristol Palin actually wrote those words. Yes. Believe. I do.
  • Becoming Chaz, which follows Chaz Bono as he transitioned from female to male, will debut at the Sundance Film Festival next year.
  • Gaypocalypse Now! Below you can see Jon Stewart skewer John McCain on his sad and pathetic defense of DADT.

  • The cast of Glee will be heading over to the UK to appear on X-Factor this weekend, but sadly someone can’t make the trip.

  • John Waters is still hoping to find the financing to film his holiday film Fruitcake, the story of a little boy and his family of meat thieves. Maybe Michael Bay could donate one day’s catering budget from Transformers 3.
  • Anne Rice was asked about possible casting choices for the reboot of The Vampire Chronicles, and said she’d support Robert Downey Jr. as the new Lestat, and when it comes to the character of Louis (played in Interview with the Vampire by Brad Pitt), she’d love to see Matt Bomer in the role, because he’s a “beautiful, beautiful guy.” No arguments here.
  • Below you can see Lance Bass on last night’s Watch What Happens Live revealing that he once dated “housegay” Cedric from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

  • For those who don’t watch the show, Cedric is a freeloader permanent house guest of “housewife” Lisa Vanderpool. Hey, he can load free at my house anytime.

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