AfterElton Briefs: Meet TLC’s Gay Tattoo Reality Star, Kylie Thanks You, Ianto’s Back, and More!

Happy 34th Birthday to Zachary Quinto, and Happy 39th Birthday to Wentworth Miller.

  • TLC premieres the new tattoo reality show NY Ink tonight at 10 PM EST. Taking place in Soho (at the Wooster Street Social Club), it will feature feature Miami Ink‘s Ami James and a bunch of new personalities as they attempt to become the “it” tattoo shop in NY. One of those new personalities is gay shop manager Robear, who should be a great addition to the diversity of gays on TV (although when i see his name, I automatically think, “Make it out to Hair By Robaire.” My undying love to whoever gets that reference). And it’s great we can add to our list of hot Tattooed Love Boys.

  • zap2it has an interview with Ugly Betty star Eric Mabius, who says the show’s demise was hastened by “an executive who was running the network at the time but is no longer at the company,” and may have had a problem with the gay content: “I’m pretty sure that the first teenage romantic kiss between two boys on network television was on our show, but did you hear anything about it? Was it promoted? The punishment was apparent every week.”
  • This week we posted interviews with Beginners stars Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor, and below you can see a new preview of the much buzzed about film, which opens tomorrow in select cities.

  • Fox has now confirmed that Jane Lynch will host the Emmy Awards, which will air on Sunday, Sept. 18th.
  • Guillermo Del Toro is teaming up with the The Jim Henson Company to produce a new live-action version of Pinocchio. That may be the greatest sentence I’ve ever written.
  • Did you know that Don Lemon coming out is part of “an alarming fad amongst the entertainment glitterati by joining the LGBT crowd?” It’s true! I heard a nutjob say it.
  • Kylie is wrapping up her fabulously successful North American tour, and below you can see her thank her core audience. Guess who?

  • Finally, Gareth David-Lloyd posted this tweet, which is sure to excite a lot of fans. Don’t look at me like that. All I said was “Ianto’s back.” I didn’t say when in time or where …

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