AfterElton Briefs: MTV Sheds “Skins,” The New Gay Guerillas, Darren Criss at Market Days, and More!

Happy 25th Birthday to Adamo Ruggiero

  • There’s going to be commotion at Sunday night’s Tony Awards, as members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees plan to picket the show. “Celebs attending the show will have to walk past a giant inflatable rat set up by the union, which was angered after losing its traditional deal to set up the event’s red carpet and tents.”
  • Speaking of the Tonys, Popeater chats with host Neil Patrick Harris about what to expect during the show, as well as his twins and the upcoming Smurfs thingy.
  • Chicago Pride is reporting that Darren Criss and his band will be performing on Saturday, August 14th at Market Days, the largest two-day street fair in the Midwest.
  • Below you can see the latest Save The Date With Keith Edwards, as our man-on-the-street visits the summertime gay mecca of Fire Island Pines, just outside of NYC, to quiz to people about their sexy summer flings.

  • Below you can see Rick Santorum discuss his “Google problem” with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. Yes, he actually has the gall to say, “Unfortunately there are vile people out there who do horrible things.” You mean like equate same-sex marriage to bestiality?

  • In not entirely unexpected news, MTV has canceled Skins, after one season of what the PTC hilariously called, “The most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen.”
  • Below you can see top secret leaked footage of the creature from Cloverfield Junior Super 8 that apparently dates back to 1963. I won’t spoil it, but why does it always have to be the black guy?

  • Ben & Jerry are New Yorkers for marriage-equality

  • Below you can see AC360 confront the coldly indifferent George Rekers about Kirk Murphy‘s suicide.

  • Finally, below you can see Glee producer Ian Brennan talk about what to expect in the Senior year Season Three, and how anxious he is to work with the winner of The Glee Project.

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