AfterElton Briefs: Nick Ring isn’t Gay, “The Kids Are All Right” Exclusive, and We’ve Got Frisky Hands!

Christopher Sieber cheats on Cheyenne Jackson with Dan Savage‘s husband (onstage), Andrew McIntosh‘s story from Outsports to the New York Times, and taking a drink of Sweet Tea.

The Ultimate Fighter contestant Nick Ring

  • Clarifying the mention of contestant Nick Ring on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter in today’s Afternoon Meme, we reached out to Spike TV who told us that Nick is indeed straight.
  • While Christopher Sieber waits to see if his sitcom with Cheyenne Jackson, It Takes a Village, is picked up by ABC, he’s performing off-broadway in The Kid, the play based off Dan Savage‘s book about adopting his child. The play had it’s opening May 6th, and Sieber talks about bringing a still-living person to life on stage.
  • Today President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Already the American Family Association, among others, are demanding to know if she’s a lesbian, because if she is, she’s not qualified for the Supreme Court. Huh?
  • Broadway Chatterbox has been a podcast for a while, but now you can catch up with video over at This week’s episode is special, since Michael Urie stops by to talk about The Tempermentals and his partner in crime, Becki Newtonmust have smelled a spotlight, because she crashes the stage.

  • The Kids Are All Right is gearing up the marketing for the release of the Annette Benning/Julianne Moore story of teenagers learning to define a family in light of knowing their sperm donor father. They sent over this exclusive photo to whet the appetite.
Mark Ruffalo stars as Paul in Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right, a Focus Features release
Photo credit Suzanne Tenner
  • Sir Ian McKellen stepped outside the Melbourne theater where he was rehearsing Waiting For Godot in costume, and a passerby tossed a coin into his hat, mistaking him for a beggar. The coin is now his his good luck charm. I think he should give it to the wardrobe department for a job well done.

I’m mystified by the laziness of people looking at how she presents
herself, and somehow assuming that implies there’s a high level of
intelligence in the songwriting. Her approach to image is really
interesting, but you listen to the music, and you just hear glow sticks.
Smart outlets for musical journalism give her all this credit, like
she’s the new Madonna … Although I’m coming from a perspective of also thinking
Madonna is not great at all. I’m like, fair enough: she is the new
Madonna, but Madonna’s a dumb-ass!

  • A new social networking site,, prepares to launch with a focus on the deaf GLBTQ community.
  • How many awkward "No homo!" moments can Phil and Jay squeeze into an 88 second Modern Family clip? Let’s watch and find out!

  • In Chicago a new play called Sweet Tea is taking a look at what it means to be gay, black and Southern. No word on whether there’s a concession stand where you can get a decent glass of sweet tea that far north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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