AfterElton Briefs: NOM Likes Them Stupid and Pretty, “Dallas” Takes Another Shower, and Matt Bomer on Jane Lynch’s Lip Gloss

  • Birthday shoutouts go to Gareth David-Lloyd (above, on some show), who turns 31, Dianne Wiest is 64, and the faboo Reba McEntire is 57. What are your fave Reba songs? Here are mine: 5. “Is There Life Out There?” 4. “Whoever’s In New England,” 3. “Little Rock,” 2. “Fancy,” 1. “If I Were A Boy”

  • Bravo has announced seven new series in development, most of which sound like every other series on Bravo.
  • It appears that ABC’s The Revolution may be near the chopping block, as its ratings are down 40% from One Life To Live‘s numbers, and a timeslot has to be made for Katie Couric‘s probable-flop talk show.
  • TV Line interviews Matt Bomer about his upcoming stint on Glee.
  • Martina Navratilova was the first castoff from Dancing With The Stars last night. And a few seasons back, Monica Seles was the first one dismissed. Is Steffi Graf a judge?
  • I’d like to thank all of you who gave me warnings about the ending of Mass Effect 3 … but I finished it last night. You know, I can handle what happened to Shepherd, because I kind of expected something like that (well, except for the plot holes and confusion). But what I cannot accept is that my Kaidan, my sweet Kaidan, who I just made tender love with … is now stranded on some deserted lush paradise along with hot beardo Joker and muscle-boy James. Seriously? This is what I saved the galaxy for?

Well, I’m glad Kaidan will have some … companionship.

  • In case you needed more proof of how faboo Kristin Bell is.

  • Below you can see the teaser poster for TNT’s Dallas. I love the visual reference, but I have a feeling that photoshop may be involved.

  • Below you can see a preview from tomorrow night’s Very Special episode of Up All Night. Can’t. Wait.

  • Below you can see characters from a famous movie. Can you name it?

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