AfterElton Briefs: NPH Does Oscars, Nurse Jackie and her Gay Best Friend, John Barrowman Is Evil, and more!

Probably the only one in the room who could face the camera.

Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear. Yes, we’re serious.

  • My apologies to out actor Bryan Batt, who turned 47 yesterday along with all the other sexy men. Seriously, what is it with March 1st?
  • The Huffington Post is picking up on the Daily Mail‘s theory that Kristian Digby‘s tragic death may have been the result of a solo sex act. I’d rather we all just waited for the police to give a cause of death before jumping to conclusions.
  • Nurse Jackie is back on March 22 on showtime, and this season is getting a big advertising push, especially in New York City. Here’s the latest promo – MoMo may be gone, but we’re seeing more of Thor.

  • The Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal gives a glowing review to Modern Family, with a particular focus on how wonderful the gay characters are. I’ll be ice skating in hell if you need me.
  • John Barrowman is not having a tiff with Andrew Lloyd Weber, as the headline of the Telegraph article reads. We didn’t call him to confirm that, we just read the actual article. Oh – and he’s excited about playing pure evil on Desperate Housewives.
  • I’m sure Anthony will have details in Gays of Our Lives, but Pinknews is reporting former Hollyoaks actor Marc Silcock is joining Emmerdale as a love interest for Aaron.
  • The Bilerico Projects points us to the voting page at CBS forecasting the next season of Survivor, plus has audition videos for contestants. Below we have Chicago’s Kevin Romero, who chooses to rap his pitch,and includes his orientation in the first verse, as well as checking out winner Richard Hatch‘s tax issues.

  • The Oscar telecast just got incredibly more appealing as new presenters were announced by producer Adam Shankman. Stepping on stage Sunday night are Keanu Reeves, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine, Ryan Reynolds and Sam Worthington. Let’s skip the formal wear and go pool party-casual, O.K.?
  • Hunky cage fighter, Big Brother contestant Alex Reed was going to pose nekkid for U.K. magazine Attitude, but pulled out after his girlfriend Katy Price said no. She takes him to nightclubs wearing a corset and garter belts, but we can’t see him in a glossy photospread? Not fair!

Happy 22nd Birthday to out Olympian Matthew Mitcham – I’d offer a cupcake, but I doubt he eats carbs!

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