AfterElton Briefs: NPH skiis, Adam Lambert Dances, Alby Dates, the “Glee” Cast Does Good, and more

Nicholas Hoult

Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear. Yes, we’re serious.

  • Happy Birthday to Nicholas Hoult, above, costarring in the out Tom Ford‘s A Single Man. He turns 20 today, so we can stop feeling guilty about staring into those eyes.
  • In news that should surprise no one, Adam Lambert will perform on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance, which is executive produced by Simon Cowell and 19 Entertainment, just like American Idol. On December 16, he’ll sing "Whataya Want From Me" making me miss Mia Michaels even more, because she could have werqed that song.
  • The Spurf over at EW is reporting details on the boyfriend they’re casting for Alby on Big Love, which I don’t watch, but I understand is very good. At least the headline the Spurf gave the article is really good.
  • In further news from the Spurf, Vanessa Williams real life brother Chris Williams has been cast on Ugly Betty to play her drag queen doppleganger, Wilhediva Hater. I.Am.Beyond.Words.
  • Via Joe.My.God, we find out that Virgin Mobile up in Canada is running a smoking gay angel advertisement on bus stops nationwide. First their universal healthcare, then gay marriage, now now gay angels. I’m packing my bags!
The gay ad is hotter than the other ad. Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore.
  • In what may be the most offensive thing I’ve read in the last hour (you wouldn’t believe what I read every day to pull this together) Details magazine published an article originally titled "Meet the Douchefag" only to retitle it "Meet the Gay Douchebag" so as to not offend anyone after the comments lit up. They devoted four pages to just the headers that you may be a gay douchebag, so that makes 20 pages in all. Classy.
  • In sad news, Mark Salling of Glee tells People Magazine that he hates his mohawk, but he’s stuck with it for the show. Hey, Mark – don’t diss the bad boy look – it works for you, trust me.
  • In a phone call worthy of the Walkers on Brothers & Sisters, the various kids from Glee scheme this week to keep Rachel from finding out that Finn isn’t the father of Quinn‘s baby. Watch!
  • Technorati, which has been a bible of all things digital for forever, has devoted a huge number of pixels to interviewing Michael K. from the raunchy, but must read celebrity blog DListed. Oddly, the interview is fairly safe for work, unlike his site.
  • Now this is just getting silly. Having hosted every show except the Oscars, starred on screens large and small, cohosted chat shows, sang and danced on stage, voiced a slew of animated characters, I thought they’d run out of new things for Neil Patrick Harris to do. Silly me – he’s going to headline Celebrity Skifest on CBS December 20th.
  • ABC has an interesting article about the fact that many African-Americans, including prominent film critics such as Courtland Milloy, prefer The Blind Side to out director Lee Daniels‘ film Precious.
Well, the poster for The Blind Side is more interesting at least.
  • Proving gays are good for you, both The Amazing Race finale with out brothers Sam and Dan, and Brothers & Sisters with Kevin, Scotty and Saul hit season highs in the ratings last night. OK, more like a wild conclusion I jumped to, but roll with it, O.K.?
  • Over at, they have the voting open for, well, Soap Hunks across several categories. They insist you look at all video and photo evidence before voting, which was tough, let me tell you. While none of our gays are up for the top prize, Brody and Cristian from OLTL are, and Brett Claywell and Nick Rodriguez are competing for Best Newcomer. In the Most Shamefully Clothed category, we see Van Hansis, Jake Silbermann, plus local favorites Billy Magnussen and J.T.! himself, Thad Luckinbill. Review the evidence, and vote for J.T.! Team Gay! 
The evidence is very compelling.
  • And ending on a good note, some real Christians got together and displayed Christian behavior by signing The Affirmation Declaration to counter the horribly offensive and hate filled Manhattan Declaration from people who obviously never read the bible last week.

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