AfterElton Briefs: Out Gay Hunk Roundup, GLAAD Attacks, Jane Lynch Amuses Herself, and more.

Stamp, stencil?

Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear. Yes, we’re serious.

  • Above you can see Broadway hunk and upcoming Cagelle, Nick Adams after his NOH8 photoshoot today in New York City. I want a copy of the formal pic, without the heavy jacket.
  • A very tan Greg Louganis has a huge spread and interview in the latest People where he talks about his life, his partner, and his desire to be on Dancing With the Stars. They have an excerpt online.
  • Speaking of out hunks (I’ve been doing nothing else – I have a rough job), Cheyenne Jackson has joined Twitter, making it so much easier for me to stalk him. We have confirmed with the man himself that it is him. Follow him and make him feel loved!
Now if he’d just enable location awareness on Twitter…
  • In case you missed it, the New York Times came out with an article in support of Joy Behar. Actually, it just cited a new study that said when it comes to gay marriage, fidelity was more likely to be a negotiated detail rather than an absolute. They also say that straight marriage will likely move that way as well. There we go, gentrifying something else for the straights.
Trust me, I’m gayer than the inverse of this.
  • Joe.My.God alerts us to the fact that the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has been well received on their peacemaking tour to the California heartland. Diplomacy through music sounds like a great idea.
  • GLAAD appears to be smarting a little from the beating they took over the weekend with regard to CBS and the Super Bowl ad. Today they’ve come out swinging against the entire network, who responded by rolling around in their piles of money and not caring.
In a recording studio that crowded, she could put someone’s eye out.
  • Vanity Fair catches up with Bryan Batt of Mad Men to see what’s up with his life now that he’s not coming back to the show. Even if, like me, you don’t watch the show, you should read this because it’s a fun piece.
  • Everybody has picked up the Jane Lynch interview in The Mirror today, and focused on the same negative sounding quote. So I’m going to go with something different:

I laugh almost every day at the word fupa – I don’t
know if you know what it means. It’s a reference to the fat right about
the groin area. I laugh at myself a lot. I find myself endlessly
entertaining. I’m clumsy and I trip, and I move too fast, and I run into
walls. That makes me chortle. I love fart jokes too.

Yes, I cropped Mr. Holy’s bare bottom from the shot.
  • Amy Winehouse has come out as bisexual. And I’ve got nothing to add that won’t get me into trouble somewhere, with somebody.
  • I’m having a little trouble following the logic of this article, but it appears that in the last week, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen have both massively increased their "spins" on radio. How that ties into the Grammys or music sales, I don’t understand, but I suppose it’s a good day to be Simon Cowell.

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