AfterElton Briefs: Reverend Sister Go-Go, Ghost Hunting the “Being Human” Set, Will “Easy A” Get Easy Laughs, and More!

Plus a radio star comes out, the big gay kiss is postponed, what’s going on in this karate ad, Dr. Laura puts her foot in her mouth again, and Sue Sylvester doesn’t want your stinkin’ Emmys!

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“Behind the scenes at the really open casting call for the role of Catwoman in the next Batman movie.”

Thanks to dostka for this week’s winning caption.

  • Copyranter has a couple of print ads (including the one above) for a Florida karate studio. So what do you think the message is? That this little boy needs karate lessons to snap him out of his high-heel interest? Or that if he continues he’ll need karate lessons to protect himself?
  • Below you can see George Takei on the Joy Behar Show (with fill-in Shaun Robinson) talking about the Prop 8 ruling and what getting married meant for his relationship.

  • Below you can see the ex-wife of “Ride The Chute” guy Steven Slater speak in glowing terms about her ex. But I think there’s about zero chance Jetblue would ever let him back. (Also, I apologize for presenting a video from The New York Post. It’ll never happen again.)

  • OMG! OMG!OMG! Would someone please agree to fly to California and marry me next week? Okay, I admit it’s only because I need to be married by Reverend Sister Go-Go, but I’m sure you and I could learn to love each other.

  • Below you can see a backstage video from the set of Being Human, or should I say The Haunted Set Of Being Human! Mwa-ha-ha! Russell Tovey is his usual adorable self as he interviews co-star Aiden Turner

  • Below you can see the trailer for Easy A, yet another teen adaptation of a classic novel. Or is it? This one looks promising, and it does have Cougar Town‘s Dan Byrd playing gay. And intrepid reporter Ed told us that the audience he saw Scott Pilgrim with today laughed mightily at the trailer.

  • Finally, Sue Sylvester makes a hell of a lot of sense concerning Will, don’t you think?

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