AfterElton Briefs: “Sex And the City 2″ Sparkles on Red Carpet, Does “Glee” Have a Transfer Student, and a Drop of “True Blood”

Plus we note the launch of Gaydio, praise Inside Sport – The Last Taboo, and play Ask the Celebrity Expert with Cynthia Nixon.
Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Patrick King and Bravo A-Gay Andy Cohen

  • Above you can see a shot of the fabulous at the afterparty for the Sex and the City 2 premiere. And below, you can see the smoking hot Max Ryan who Samantha makes her boy-toy in the new film.
Does he end up as naked as Gilles Marini did? We can hope!
  • I’m glad they’re all smiling right now, because they won’t be after they read NY Mag‘s review of Sex and the City 2, which is brutal.

The film is an epic eyesore. It’s as if they set out to make a movie
that said, “You’re right! We are hideous!” It begins with the
nightmarish manic gaiety of Mamma Mia!, with strenuous
lockjawed smiles that make you think you’re watching stroke victims.
Then Liza Minnelli shows up to perform a gay marriage. Heralded (and
hooted at) as the embodiment of camp unreality, she looks more
human—nervous but happy to belong somewhere—than the four leads.

  • The manager for Philppine singing sensation Charice Pempengco is saying she’s been cast on Glee for next season, but we haven’t been able to confirm that with the show itself. Judging solely by a performance on The Ellen Show and her video for "Pyramid" she’s got the look and the right kind of voice. Update: Story is false. Charice tweeted a denial.

  • Speaking of Glee, the Other Asian, Harry Shum, Jr. talks to Vulture about the fact that he gets to talk tonight on the show.
  • Earlier we reported on some Pride performances of local interest. Now we can add the lovely Cyndi Lauper to the list, as she’s appearing July 3 at Toronto Pride. The woman does so much good for the community I don’t know how she finds time to eat. h/t tophermcf
  • Will Young‘s album Leave Right Now was released on physical media today for those of you that like that. He’s performing the title track on American Idol tonight (we think, tonight or tomorrow is still unclear).
It doesn’t really look like Will is doing any leaving.
  • So the CIA thought about making a fake sex tape of Saddam Hussein with boys, and even filmed a fake tape of Osama bin Laden swigging whiskey while talking about young boys he’d been with. Then someone told them that that wasn’t taboo over there, so they just drank the whiskey.
  • Cynthia Nixon sat down with Logo to play Ask a Celebrity Expert. Her question came from a mom whose son was gay. Why haven’t we elected this woman our leader?

  • In Manchester, UK, they’re getting Gaydio, a new FM station catering to the gay listener. Tune to 88.4 on the dial starting June 18th.
  • And because it’s not yet June 13th, we’re stuck with just a minisode for True Blood, this time starring Bill, the dullest of the vampires on the show. But his lady caller certainly finds him interesting.

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