AfterElton Briefs: Sh*t Southern Gay Guys Say, George Michael Has Reasons To Be Thankful, and Don Lemon Bites The Hand

Here is last week’s caption pic winner. This week’s caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is …

Kurt decided to design uniforms for Blaine’s Fight Club.

Thanks to CCWayne for this week’s winning caption!

Your choice for Sexiest Jesus

  • Weekend Birthdays! (Note: Birthday shoutouts are for out entertainers, allies, or for any celeb that seems to have a following on AE). Susan Lucci is 65, and Annie Lennox is 57. Time to name your top five Annie or Eurythmics songs! Here are mine: 5. “Walking on Broken Glass,” 4. “Who’s That Girl,” 3. “Here Comes The Rain Again,” 2. “Missionary Man” 1. “Why.”

  • NOTE! We’re going to be on a lighter posting schedule next week, but Ed Kennedy and I will be bringing you Briefs, Meme, and breaking news each day (plus a few special posts throughout the week). If you need a quick fix from, check us out on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, which will have quick hits to keep you from withdrawal.
  • Below you can see an emotional George Michael thank his fans and the medical team that saved his life.

  • Below you can see the latest episode of The Variants, as Richard regresses to childhood with a visit from his brother.

  • Here are two classic 80′s album covers. Can you name them?

  • Sh*t Southern Gay Guys Say. But you don’t have to be southern to worship at the altar of Julia Sugarbaker.

  • Happy 62nd Birthday to Sissy Spacek! Time to name your top five Sissy films. Here are mine: 5. Coal Miner’s Daughter, 4. Three Women, 3. In The Bedroom, 2. Crimes Of The Heart, 1. Carrie.
  • This weekend also marks the 40th Birthday of Ricky Martin! What’s your top five? Here’s one of Ricky’s latest, which is also one of my Ricky favorites.

  • Finally, all of us here at AE wish all of you a very happy holiday weekend. We’ll see you Monday!

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