AfterElton Briefs: the Ballad of Gay Tony, must see sci fi and more!


Following this assortment of carefully-selected news items, interested readers can find a refreshing pic of a hot man in underwear after the jump. Yes, we’re serious.

  • The trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony came out today and is way cool. Note to self: Dig Xbox out of storage ASAP!
  • Sex and the City is filming their next movie. When I saw Willie Garson recently in L.A., I asked if ww were going to see more of him in the sequel and he told us, "Yes. And it will be very satisfying for every fan, male, female, gay, straight, transgender. Everyone will be satisfied with the sequel." Here is hoping he’s right!

And today’s Briefs are brought to you by…

This guy!

Okay, this isn’t just any guy, but is Thomas Jane and I know he isn’t wearing just briefs. Blame last night’s episode of Hung for placing Mr. Jane on my mind and forcing me to post this picture! And trust me, I tried very hard to find a pic of him in his briefs!


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