AfterElton Briefs: The Gay “Jersey Shore,” Touring with Neil Patrick, Boys Play with Dolls on “What Would You Do,” and More!

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Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is …

“This is the closest to cuddling we two can get on network television.”

Thanks to E-Style for this week’s winning caption.

  • Last week Neil Patrick Harris attended the “Stuff You Must …” Lounge from Access Hollywood, and throughout today’s briefs, he’ll give us a tour of … “Stuff You Must.” Starting with Fancy Feast and one pissed-off cat.

  • Below you can see a preview of tonight’s What Would You Do, which takes a look at the reactions of onlookers when a father chastises his son for wanting a Barbie Doll.

  • In ratings news, TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland (which I’ve decided to love on principle, even though it’s a terrible show) returned strongly while the truly terrible Retired at 35 lost a third of the audience.
  • Below you can see Debbie Gibson and Tiffany talking about Mega-Python Vs. Gatoroid (eight days and counting!) and gay ex-boyfriends on Watch What Happens Live. Tiffany has some interesting things to say about a former member of New Kids on the Block.

Next stop: The lustful gaze of an Oompa Loompa

  • Below you can see a news report from Philadelphia about the people hoping to try out for a reality show “inspired” by Jersey Shore with an all GLBT cast, called Under The Boardwalk. It’s presented without comment, because my head may explode.

Finally, a CVS manicure. The bikini wax pics have gone missing.

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