AfterElton Briefs: The New “Shameless” Bad Boy, Jake Takes a Wrong Step, Chord Snaps Back, and More!

Happy 53rd Birthday to Jennifer Saunders

  • The Ontario government has announced that, starting in September, all schools receiving public funding, including Catholic schools, must allow GLBT support groups. (h/t Campion)
  • Below you can see Sean Chapin‘s “Voting in the Wind,” a parody of the Dylan song that addresses Minnesota’s amendment to ban marriage-equality.

  • Season Two of Shameless won’t start until early 2012, but they’ve started casting new characters, including a new bad boy “friend” for troubled teen Karen. He’s hot, but I’ll have to see him nuded up before I pass judgment.
  • The devil is dancing tonight! Below you can see proof positive that Nancy Grace is this close to being a John Waters character. But my favorite part is the shrieking of attorney Sue Moss, who’s my favorite second banana to an insane villainess since Brenda Vaccaro in Supergirl.

  • Speaking of that trial:

  • The second episode of True Blood‘s Fourth Season dropped almost 50% in the ratings, but it was most likely because HBO allowed the episode to be viewed the entire week after the season premiere. In explicable ratings news, Falling Skies is holding up well.
  • Bear Grylls is pissing me off. Below you can see a sneak peek at next Monday’s episode of Man Vs. Wild, in which he puts Jake Gyllenhaal‘s life in danger. This better eventually lead to a naked huddle together to conserve heat.

  • Towleroad has an update on the trial of Brandon McInerney, who’s accused of murdering classmate Lawrence King. “Gay Panic” is already a major part.

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