AfterElton Briefs: The New “Torchwood” Poster, Was Professor Lupin a Gay Junkie, Sean Chapin Says “Go Go Get It,” and More!

  • Happy birthday to Graham Norton, who turns 48 today, and Heath Ledger, who would’ve been 32.
  • Bravo has renewed Watch What Happens Live for a fifth season, which means we get another year of Andy Cohen trying to get Housewives drunk on camera (which admittedly, isn’t difficult).
  • In what may be the death knell for gay bookstores, The Castro’s A Different Light is shutting its doors. If you can’t have a gay bookstore there, is there any hope?
  • Here’s the new poster for Torchwood: Miracle Day. I was afraid they were going to emphasize the American cast over John and that one girl in the run-up to the show, but so far, that’s not the case. But it’s still early.

  • Get over yourself, Piers Morgan.
    • David Thewliss has revealed that director Alfonso Cuarón advised him to play the character of Professor Lupin as a “gay junkie” in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. So he did, but then he had to “reign in his gayness” when he found out the character would actually be getting a female love interest.
    • Below you can see “Go Go Get it,” the latest from out performer Sean Chapin.

    • Finally, big congrats to Unhappy Campers contestant Burt Henley, who scored big in last week’s Battle of the Network Gays. He received 46% of your votes, easily beating out second place Josiah, who took 26%. Seamus and B’rent had to settle for 15% and 14% respectively. We’ll be sure to post updates and see if Burt can win that coveted Golden Crown of Thorns! (or not, considering this was an April Fool’s joke).

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