AfterElton Briefs: Usher Vs. Homer, Darren Criss is Over the Rainbow, Happy Birthday Wilson, and More!

“Show you my what?”

  • Happy 37th Birthday to Wilson Cruz! Below you can see an interesting clip of Wilson from two years ago, as he participates in the roundtable discussion “The Glass Closet.” He talks about the decision to come out publicly, and how it’s affected his career and life.

  • Did Usher rip off Homer Simpson? It certainly sounds like it. But I curse the person who made this, because it forced me to listen to the truly terrible, terrible, terrible song “OMG.” If the autotune wasn’t bad enough, a professional musician actually came up with these lyrics: “Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow. Honey got some boobies like wow, wow, wow.”
  • Speaking of musicians (but who don’t require autotune), below you can see Matthew Morrison give us a sneak peek at his forthcoming album, which will be out in the spring. I love Matt, but i’m not sure how I feel about the Spring Heeled Jack facial hair he’s sporting.

  • Remember the two Canadian broadcasters who caused a firestorm for suggesting that Johnny Weir should undergo “gender testing?” The Canadian Broadcasts Standards Council has issued a soft finger scraping, saying the “comments were not particularly negative and certainly not abusive on the basis of sexual orientation.” They were a bit harsher on the asshat disc jockey who took it a step further and said that Johnny was a “queer in a sport for queers,” and issued a slightly more forceful rebuke.
  • We’re not sure what Gareth Thomas means by “meeting Ellen.” Is he going to be on her show? Meet her for cocktails? And how do we know he’s even talking about Ellen Degeneres? Maybe he meant The Waltons star Ellen Corby? Oh wait, she died a decade ago. So it’s probably not her.

  • Speaking of Gareth, last night Mickey Rourke appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and confirmed that he would indeed be portraying the Rugby God in a new movie.
  • Below you can see the first teaser trailer for Ryan Kwanten‘s Griff the Invisible. It’s too bad he wears clothes a mask, though.

  • Finally, Ed mentioned it in the meme, but I couldn’t let the day go by without bringing up the passing of Teena Marie. From her dance smashes “Square Biz,” “I Need Your Lovin,” and “Behind the Grroove,” to her pop smash “Lovergirl,” to “Out on a Limb,” (one of the greatest ballads of all time), Lady T was one of a kind. Below you can see CNN reporter Don Lemon pay tribute.

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