AfterElton Briefs: Will Horton Has Mommy Issues, “Glee” and the Consequences of Outing, and Adam Pally on Liplock Likelihood

Barney’s New York launches the Gaga Workshop.

  • Happy Birthday to Bjork, who turns 46, football ally Michael Strahan is 40, and the faboo Goldie Hawn, is 66. Time to name your top five Goldie movies! Here are mine. 5. Protocol, 4. Overboard, 3. Private Benjamin, 2. Death Becomes Her, and #1 (even though I despise Chevy Chase, this is still my favorite Goldie performance), Seems Like Old Times.

  • Squeal!

  • Below you can see Jason Momoa‘s audition tape for Conan the Barbarian. All that effort for Conan the Barbarian.

  • Adam Pally on Max possibly locking lips with Happy Endings guest star James Wolk: “We are going to make out. Most people make out in their relationships, so I would assume so. I would hope that we would be making out.” So maybe they will … or not.
  • Will‘s loooong-awaited coming-out storyline on Days Of Our Lives is finally going to begin soon, and it started this week when he caught his mother having (apparently clothed) sex with his ex-stepfather. Below you can see a preview of tomorrow’s show, in which the image is seared, literally seared (in B&W!) into his mind. This is evidently going to begin Will’s coming apart … and coming out. And yes, we will be liveblogging when it finally gets rolling!

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