AfterElton Fantasy Casting: Who should play the three new gay characters on “United States of Tara”?

It’s no secret that Showtime’s United States of Tara was one of our favorite shows of the last TV season, thanks to Toni Collette‘s fabulous performance as the altered heroine, and the inclusion of her gay teen son Marshall, played with conviction and heart by Keir Gilchrist.

Our sole complaint was that the season was entirely too short, and we were a bit miffed that the second season isn’t scheduled to air until next year (Twelve episodes a year? What is this, BBC?).

Interminable wait aside, we now have even more reason to eagerly anticipate its return. The show is currently casting for not one … not two … but three new gay characters for the upcoming season!

Join us below for a look at the new characters, along with a few fantasy casting suggestions. And feel free to make your own suggestions … and remember, this is fantasy casting, so feel free to go as “outside the box” as you like!

Character: Ted Mayo

Description: “Late 40s to 50s. This funny, sweet choir teacher is the Gregson family’s neighbor, an openly gay man who lives with his younger, Middle Eastern lover, Hany.”

James Spader

I think James Spader is the perfect choice. He’s forty-nine, and after surviving working with William Shatner, playing opposite a character with multiple personalities should be a breeze!

Character: Hany

Description: “Ted’s handsome younger lover, this Middle Eastern / Egyptian man is easygoing, and strikes up a helpful friendship with Marshall.”

Haaz Sleiman

This is a no-brainer. Haaz Sleiman is already playing gay on another Showtime series, Nurse Jackie, so they could probably save a bundle on payroll.

Character: Lionel Trane. Okay, wait a minute. Lionel Trane? Seriously?

Description: Strongly prefer 18 to play 16, this high school student is a flamboyant, impassioned, and very outspoken gay activist.

Drake Bell

Okay, at age twenty-two Drake is a little long-in-the-tooth to play a sixteen-year old, but that’s never stopped Hollywood before. Besides, isn’t he positively dreamy?

Okay, let’s hear your suggestions! And are you looking forward to the second season (premiering in January) as much as we are?

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