AfterElton’s 2011 Fall TV Interest Meter

Earlier this week we published our annual fall “We Watch the Crap So You Don’t Have To” TV guide, wherein we cast a critical eye at this fall’s lineup of new shows. Now that you’ve heard about the new stuff, we’re asking for your help in figuring out which fall TV shows – new or old – we should cover in depth here on AfterElton.

You have up to 10 votes. Can you identify which fall programs you’re most interested in? Check ‘em off, hit submit at the bottom, and we’ll have a fairly accurate barometer of the collective and discerning tastes of AfterElton readers.

Note: The poll below could only accept about 100 entries – so we hope to have included all the major shows. However, if you really do want to watch TLC’s I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant or the like, there’s a box for write in votes at the end. And feel free to share any other thoughts in the comments.