AfterElton’s 2012 Summer TV Guide

Summer used to be a time when your TV choices were pretty limited. But then then the cable networks wised up and realized it was a perfect season to launch new programming, since their broadcast competition had little to offer besides reruns. As a result, the summer TV schedule now has enough to keep you thoroughly entertained – a relief on those days when the heat forces you inside and prostrate on the couch.

Whether your idea of great summer TV is light drama, ridiculous reality, supernatural angst or smartass comedy there seems to be something for everyone. Here are the new shows that have our curiosity piqued and the returning shows we’re excited to see back.

May 24

So You Think You Can Dance
(Fox, Wednesdays)

Fox’s summer favorite returns with a new more compact format for the ninth season. There will be no results show, which will force Cat, Nigel and co. to adapt to a single two-hour weekly episode. Despite Lythgoe’s zeal to enforce gender stereotypes, So You Think You Can Dance has shown it can deliver a reality competition where actual talent is celebrated and entertaining celebrity guest-judges have a chance to shine.

On the Fly (TLC, Thursdays)

In 2004, A&E gave viewers Airline, a look at the drama experienced by Southwest Airline employees (including a gay flight attendant) as they helped passengers make their way across the country and dealt with their own personal lives. This summer, TLC returns to the drama of delayed flights, damaged bags and frustrated passengers with On the Fly, a show that will probably have you realizing that skipping that summer trip saved you a lot of stress.


May 29

(Comedy Central, Tuesdays)

Daniel Tosh has quickly become one of Comedy Central’s most popular personalities, thanks partly to the lengths he’s willing to go for a laugh. That’s included plenty of gay moments, like the time he challenged his staff to take Viagra and watch gay adult films without showing any signs of getting a chubby. With equal amounts of dread and excitement, we can’t wait to see what Tosh comes up with this season.

HGTV Design Star (HGTV, Tuesdays)

Last season, HGTV Design Star made up for the terrible season when it thought it could go without a host by making the series’ first (and its most memorable) winner David Bromstad the host. They’ve wisely decided to bring him back as another set of designers have their design skills and TV presence is tested in their pursuit of their own HGTV show.


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