AfterElton’s Uber-Gay and Awesomely Nerdy Holiday Gift Guide 2012

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are upon us, and you’re probably casting about for the perfect stocking stuffers for friends, co-workers and loved ones. Now we don’t want you resorting to something lame and unimaginative, like Starbucks gift cards, so we strong-armed the AE staff into sharing their favorite holiday gift ideas. From Star Trek underwear, to Glee Yahtzee, to “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” hand sanitizer– this year’s AfterElton gift guide is uber-gay and awesomely nerdy!

Clothing/ Accessories

Star Trek Boxer Briefs
That’s right, Starfleet has it’s own officially sanctioned underpants. This pack of three 100% cotton boxer briefs includes red, blue and gold undies with the official Star Trek Starfleet insignia on the left leg, plus a button fly… “for easy access at the Enterprise waste station.” Just don’t go on any away missions wearing the red pair!

Bear Beanie Hat
Acknowledge the bears in your life with something to keep their heads covered and warm: a bear beanie! There’s even a polar bear beanie for the older bears! The merchant ( also features a large oversized hat selection, for the giant bears in your life. ($13.99)

Mad Men Joan T-Shirt

All the gals want to be her. All the guys want to do her. And all the gays want to wear her — and they can with this T shirt that depicts “Mad Men” fan favorite, Joan via a sassy, yet playful caricature. The voluptuous redhead can be stamped on any color tee or if you prefer, a hoodie. You may not have her strut or her curves, but this is the next best thing. ($25.70)

Batman Snuggie
Ever wonder what The Dark Knight wears when he’s not patrolling the streets of Gotham or schmoozing at expensive fundraising parties? Now, you too can be a superhero any day, any time. This snuggie is perfect for sitting at your computer all day, for movie night, or for just feeling like a warm, cozy badass. Also comes in Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more. ($23)

Captain Jack Harkness Coat
If you’re looking for something sexy and functional, consider this stylish replica of Torchwood’s Captain Jack‘s army coat. Just in time for a cold winter, this fully lined, double-breasted jacket is sure to suit your special someone. Because really, who doesn’t want to channel some of the immortal’s irresistible swagger? And you’ll never have to worry about it going out of style — it’s what all the 51st century time-travelers are wearing. John Barrowman not included. ($330)

Robert’s Bringing Unisexy Back Bag
One can never have enough man bags — specifically this dapper handbag. It may deceive the eyes as a bowling bag, but it is, in fact a functional “unisexy” bag that will hold everything you need (and don’t need) while you traipse about the city. Made of vegan-friendly faux leather and giving a throwback feel with its collegiate color scheme, the bag can be as rugged or dapper as you want it. ($64.99)

Who says jammies that keep your feet warm have to be just for kids? These grown-up footie jammies come in an array of pop culture designs including Star Wars, DC and Marvel comics, and more. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to Superman on a cold winter’s night? ($64.99)

Skinit: Create Your Own Custom Case or Skin for any iPhone or iPad.
Choose your exact phone/tablet model, upload your own photos and graphics, and skinit will produce a perfectly fitted custom skin or protective case. (Prices vary 14.99 and up for skin / $24.99 and up for case.) Skinit also has an extensive library of pre-existing designs to choose from (or be inspired by).


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