Afternoon Meme: Marriage Is Miserable, Mike Ruiz is Sexy, and a Young Mark Salling Is Adorable!

Plus we take a look at Christina Aguilera‘s neon underwear, see adventures in advertising, and wrap up the Twilight Movie Awards.

Reason 4,876 that Aussies are cooler than most people. A
surfer there was knocked off his board by a great white that then bit his
leg. Said surfer the punched the shark and caught a wave to shore where he and his buddies used the board’s safety rope as a tourniquet. And then probably had a meat pie and a beer.

True Blood’s Anna Paquin says she came out as bisexual in the PSA
because it was the right thing to do. She doesn’t need the publicity, but she
does think the world needs to change. But as she, and her openly gay boss Alan Ball say, it’s not like it was a
big secret.

Our friends at the Bilerico Project are up for the Best Locally-Owned Website in Indiana, and Bil really
wants to win. Note I didn’t say “best queer website” but just “Best Website.”
Take a minute to go vote them up.

Fairies and Communists
looks at the surprising homophobia of Jack Paar,
generally considered to be a smart, educated man. For many, he was the definitive
host of The Tonight Show long before
Johnny Carson got the guest chair,
much less the host’s.

After seeing him explain his reasons for casting Vanessa Hudgens in his production of Rent, I can almost see what Neil Patrick Harris is trying to do as director.
But with the addition of Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger to the cast,
I can’t help but think he’s just trying to sell out all 18,000 seats in the
Hollywood Bowl with stunt casting.

South Carolina, you have hit a new low with your politicians. And you didn’t
start all that high in the first place.

But if it makes you feel any better, you’re still more
progressive than Arizona. Seriously, we’re literally whitewashing art now?

Personally, I thought Sir
Paul McCartney’s
remarks about it being nice to have a U.S. president
who knows what a library is were funny. Others have pointed out President Bush was a big reader, but I
don’t count pop-up books.

Speaking of pop-up books, they’re all the rage as mailers for Emmy voters. The How I Met Your Mother mailer has a 3D Barney Stinson from the musical 100th

Glamorous, sexy, w00f!-worthy photographer Mike Ruiz comes from humble beginnings,
but he’s not sorry about it. It’s one of the first times I’ve heard the man talk about himself other than with a
camera lens.

Take this with a huge grain of salt, because this is The Sun reporting after all,
but they claim
that Nicholas
and Dev Patel have both
signed on to appear in the new Skins
movie. I would think they’d be the least likely to revisit their television roots.

Twilight was the only film released in the last year, according to
the MTV Movie Awards.

That horrific video of a helicopter attack that surfaced
last month has a
, and since he’s in uniform, I doubt he ever makes it to prison
at Ft. Leavenworth. I doubt he ever even makes it back on U.S. soil.

Happy birthday to the VCR, which turns 35 today. Before that, you had to be home
to watch television.

China, I know we owe you a lot of money, so I don’t have any
right to say this, but stop doing this to dogs. At least gay men just
dress them funny.

Voltron is coming back as Voltron
, and it’s going to be targeted at the preschool set. I wonder
if that means they move from lion hands to kitten hands?

Mark Salling may play a high school student on Glee, but he’s hardly a teenager. He’s going to turn 28 later this year. So what did he look like when he was actually Puck‘s age? These frames from Walker, Texas Ranger tell the story.

Very Ralph Macchio in the first Karate Kid.

We haven’t delved into the world of advertising in a while. Let’s start with this sign spotted at a gas station. I’m fairly sure it was written by someone who watched a movie with teenagers in it once.

Does anyone know what they meant to say here?

You know I have a love of bus ads, probably because I live in an area without public buses, so it’s exotic. But this Toy Story 3 ad wasn’t thought out very well.

Or Buzz loses an eye in the new film like Mrs. Potato Head does.

You may or may not have seen this video with Mike White and Justin Long as a miserable married couple. I think it’s cute, if a little depressing. I’m not entirely sure what the activism is here, beyond saying something along the lines of "we’re not asking for candy, but broccoli" to the straights. Still, it’s fun seeing Justin play gay again, and he looks good in tight clothes. I should warn you that visually, there are some NSFW moments, like the surf board. Use discretion.

We were sent over a teaser for Katy Perry‘s "California Gurls" music video, and I’m just going to stick with my reaction from last night: Is this a music video, or the trailer for the new Candyland movie? Oh, and Chris Evans did the cupcakes-on-the-chest thing better years ago.

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