Afternoon Meme: Muppet Pipes, More Ryan Reynolds, and T.R. Knight Works With an Actual Knight.

Plus Alexander Skarsgård drops robe, a gay prom king and queen, and the High School Musical franchise gets gay!


You know you need to get laid when your biggest problem with
Glee is that they never bring up acquiring performance licenses for the music on the
show. And you blog about it, in detail, with dollar figures.

I am a total geek, so when Wil Wheaton posted a link to an interactive, Flash-based map of Ringworld
from the Larry Niven books, I knew I
couldn’t actually look myself, or you’d never get a Meme. Tell me if it’s wonderful?

Believe it or not, Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark is being penciled in for October previews, with a late November opening.  The $52 million musical just needs to sell out
the theater until 2016 to break even.

This weekend at L.A. Pride, Life Out Loud will be honoring teens Constance McMillen and Derrick Martin for their prom-centric
activism. What these kids did, and what they risked was amazing, so I’m glad we
haven’t moved on in the community.

Speaking of Pride and teenagers, Hudson Pride will honor gay best friends Charlie Ferrusi and Timothy Howard, recently elected Prom
King and Prom Queen at their high school by a landslide.

The Flying Monkey points me to a Glee iPhone app
that comes with three songs for $1
, and can Autotune even the worst
singer to sound good. Since I am actually the worst singer on earth, I’ll be testing
that and getting back to you.

The webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal takes on the state of
the debate of gay rights in America now, and the UK 60 years ago.

Someone thinks that Ryan
looks good in a CGI-generated spandex costume, because they’ve commissioned a treatment from Greg Berlanti for a Green Lantern 2 already. They’re also
asking for a treatment from him for The
, and a script guarantee for at least one.

A bunch of blond people won awards at the CMT Awards last night.

Something that wasn’t mentioned in our interview with True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro today, but the Spurf managed to ferret out is that his character is ************.

More information on the next season of Torchwood from Airlock Alpha.
Wales still plays a prominent role, even if the show is going international.
Cardiff is still the heart of Torchwood.
Also, it looks like the folks over at Airlock Alpha still miss Ianto, too.

Out musician Dave Koz
is up for an American Smooth Jazz Award, and you can vote for him!
h/t csc68

NY1’s review of the new Karate
is brutal
, but especially hard on Jaden Smith, which begs the question: How brutal can you be on a
12-year-old in a review? And does it matter that he comes from an extremely
powerful showbiz family?

The New York Times
has banned the use of the word “tweet” in their pages. The logic of editor Phil Corbett is stunning in its old-media
, “Some social-media fans may disagree, but outside of
ornithological contexts, “tweet” has not yet achieved the status of standard
English. And standard English is what we should use in news articles.”

He goes
on to say, “it doesn’t help that the word itself seems so inherently silly.” At
least people still need to line their bird cages. For the record, the grammar
editor in Microsoft Word has issues with his use of standard English in the quotes.

The spinoff of High School
(Sharpay) is gayer than we expected. While we don’t know about the
presence of Sharpay’s coded-gay brother, the film stars Alec Mapa and Jack Plotnick.
Yes, we’re on it.

T.R. Knight is returning to the stage in David Mamet’s A Life In the
opposite Sir Patrick Stewart.
He’s playing the role of John in the comedy set to preview October 23, 2010.

Rod 2.0 has information on how you can contact the FDA concerning the review of the
discriminatory blood donor ban.

The Spurf wants you to vote for him for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian. That’s fine, more bacon for

Fox renewed The Cleveland
for a third season
, which means we’ll be stuck with their
offensive attempts at humor through 2012.

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård is Scandinavian, and
he says Scandinavians love to be naked. He just walks on set and drops the robe, no sock or anything. Excuse me while I go plan my vacation.

The folks at Eat, Pray Love sent over the poster for the Ryan Murphy-directed film. It looks like Julia Roberts has the first two parts of the title down.

Why is the nun sitting so far away?

John Waters has a new book out, but this is still my favorite photograph of the man.

Some friendships are doomed from the start – it’s a trap, Bubbles!

Last night a fake news show took the real news shows to task for focusing on absolutely stupid $#!* instead of the more important issues. This is Jon Stewart at his best.

In 1964, puppeteers Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Don Sahlin, and Jerry Juhl were sitting around a dressing room at The Jack Paar Show. They opened a closet, found some pipes for the building, and had an idea to dress them up. For years, their handiwork was hidden in a dressing room closet. Now it’s behind glass on the NBC tour, and Frank Oz is back to take a look. Just amazing.

And Futurama is almost back. Until then, enjoy Hooray for Zoidberg. He’s my Spirit Animal.

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