Afternoon Meme: Speculating About (Marc Jacobs’) Gay Marriage, “Glee” Looks To Summer, DanRad Spends Wisely, and SNL Speaks True

Betty White the cougar, building with staples, Big Government‘s gay angle, The Woz spills secrets, and advertising gets really gay.

One of the more interesting things about marriage equality
is that it seems to give the gossip pages permission to speculate on the
private lives of gay couples just like they do the straight couples. The New York Post is today
reporting that Marc Jacobs and hottie hubby Lorenzo Martone

have split, according to “sources.” Of course, sources with cameras prove that it’s not true, but it’s nice our marriages are included in Page Six now.

Despite the Twitter hate, Ryan Murphy confirms that he is considering an all-Britney episode of Glee. He also says he’d like an all-Led Zeppelin, all-Billy Joel, and even all-Courtney
, so he could just be screwing with us. I’m not a fan of Britney, but
if I think back on her music, it does follow a coming-of-age formula, so it
might work.

Saturday Night Live continues
the ratings slide
from the overly-optimistic peak it had
when Tina Fey hosted. It’s been dropping about 10% each week since then.

Avatar is now the best selling Blu-Ray of all time. I love how they throw
that “all-time” around like it’s been 200 years. Blu-Ray has been a format for
what, three years?

As part of their annual Rich List, the Times of
broke out the “wands and fangs” crowd into their own piece.
They have nothing but praise for Daniel
, who has much of his $60 million in real estate. But they took
special time to highlight all his charity work and especially his gifts to The Trevor Project for GLBT youth.

If you thought this year’s Glee tour was going to be a simple production
like the last one, you were sadly mistaken. It’s a big multimedia affair, and
they’ve hired the stage designer for Lady
to lay out the setup for the 18 or so songs they plan to perform.

You may have noticed we opened the voting for the Annual Hot 100
. Some fans aren’t fighting fair, and we already have a Facebook
campaign being organized for Luke MacFarlane
. Which other fan
communities are going to get involved in stuffing the ballot box?

Last night on Adult Swim, they re-aired the Boondocks
“Gangstalicious Pt. 2”
episode that took on homophobia in hip hop head
on. We had our take on the show two years ago and it’s still relevant.

The latest edition to the gallery of our Future Robot Overlords comes to us courtesy of Festo,
who modeled the deft arm on an elephant’s trunk. Proposed uses include produce
sorting and fighting Spider-Man.

A man in California has been arrested for stealing 45 fire hydrants from
the city to sell for scrap. These aren’t spare hydrants – he’d pull up in a
work truck, put on a safety vest, turn off the water to a working hydrant,
disconnect it, put it in the truck and drive away. I want him running the Human Rights Campaign.

Steve Wozniak
tells Wired that he’s a bit surprised
that Gray Powell
, the Apple employee who lost the iPhone
prototype still has his job, because the engineer that showed him an iPad mere
hours early was immediately terminated, and he’s a major stockholder.

How To Train Your Dragon
dominated the weekend box office
, and not even Alex O’Laughlin or Chris Evan’s abs could knock it from the top spot after four weeks.

The Hubble Space Telescope turns 20-years-old this week,
and there’s no better way to celebrate than a retrospective of pictures it’s

This Time profile of right-wing
nutcase Andrew Breitbart
and his increasingly powerful Big Government network of websites would
be easy to dismiss, but for one incredibly bizarre disconnect. It covers his
slime job of GLSEN found Kevin Jennings,
yet talks of his plans to start Big
, targeted at “conservative gays, blacks and Jews.” Otherwise
known as folks who don’t live in reality, because if you’re willing to settle
for “tolerance” I really feel sorry for you.

I’m convinced that puffins are just gay penguins. I mean, look at them.

They have above-ground crypts in New Orleans, ostensibly because they built the city below the water table. But now we know the truth.

The afterlife is forever, you need a hobby.

We’ve got a huge number of creative ads that popped up all of a sudden – it may take days to get through them all.

This isn’t dirty – he’s looking at the guy’s shoes. If this appeared in a straight mag, we’ve arrived!

This one you need to go to copyranter for the full story, but even he’s not sure why they’d advertise bug spray in Israel by putting George Michael‘s face (and name) on a mosquito and show him dying. I’d scream homophobia, but they have an ad with Elvis, too. Does equating George Michael with Elvis turn the murder into a compliment?

Seriously – can anyone explain it?

Science Diet is good for your dog’s digestion.

This condom ad isn’t as good as some, but it does remind us you may not know everything about your partner.

Durex has a great ad agency. They had one recently too racy to run here.

I just can’t get over how hot Kurt looked in his Cheerios outfit. I feel like a dirty old man!

Betty White‘s Saturday Night Live appearance is weeks out, but they intend to milk the publicity for all it’s worth. I am their willing pawn. Especially if Betty is going to continue objectifying men.

I was fairly underwhelmed by Saturday Night Live this week. I will say that Gabourey Sidibe did much better than I expected – she’s not got much experience under her belt other than the role that got her an Oscar nom. Yet despite that, other than a couple of line flubs, she managed the live environment really well. Still one of hers wasn’t in my favorite skit, with that honor going to the Weekend Update segment about Girl Scout cookies. I only got two boxes of Thin Mints this year!

What happens if you take a premise that should have been a SyFy Original Movie, but give it a Hollywood budget? You get Pirahna 3D. I can’t decide if it’s supposed to be scary or funny, but they didn’t spend much on costumes.

This is about the making of Ephemicropolis, which was built with over 100,000 staples and more creativity than I’ve exhibited in my entire life.

And we have a very special edition of Drag You Later as we come to the end of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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