Afternoon Meme: “True Blood” Looking To Cast Another Gay Hunk, Colbert’s Alphadog, and More!

Plus, Brothers & Sisters contemplates gay segregation, Sean Hayes‘ activism is a "byproduct," Lady Gaga is tops online, and Greta Gerwig is no Liza

Elizabeth Perkins
is leaving her role on Weeds as the
delightfully bizarre Celia Hodes for a big screen role as James Marsden’s mom in Hop,
the Easter Bunny film with Russell Brand
and Kaley Cuoco. If you ask me, that’s a serious upgrade for onscreen kids.

Spurf says True Blood
is casting
a drug-addicted Talbot lookalike
named Tony to compete for the affections of the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell. If they can find two men that good looking and put them on the same show, my television may melt.

The same article says that on Brothers & SistersSaul is
heading into a storyline with Kevin and
Scotty, allowing “three gay
characters to be in their own little orbit.” I think that sounds like a
terrible idea – I didn’t ask for them to be segregated, just to have a

Visa is setting up plans to allow your iPhone to become your credit
card with the addition of a sleeve. Why they can’t base it off technology
already in the phone so I don’t have to ruin the form factor, I have no idea.
And if I use an iPad instead, is my credit limit bigger?

Sean Hayes does an interview with NPR about Promises, Promises and his recent coming out. I still don’t think he lives in the real world with his comments
about his acting roles helping people as a “byproduct,” and yet he claims to
have done so much for gay rights.

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix got all wierd and started rapping?
And Casey Affleck filmed the whole
thing? The project is done, and being screened for industry big shots to buy.
No word on whether Joaquin is back to his handsome self or still looks like a
homeless guy in an Armani suit.

NBC formally announced Alec Baldwin is hosting Saturday Night Live for the 15th time, tying
record holder Steve Martin. His
musical guest will be Tom Petty, who
on his 8th appearance is one shy of tying Dave Grohl and Paul Simon
for the record.

As network executives continue viewing pilots for next fall,
we keep hearing leaks. It sounds like NBC is going to go for Outsourced
on the comedy side, but the others mentioned here aren’t on our radar yet.

Speaking of pilots, Comedy Central has 22 of them in development (two more
than NBC). The most provocative are a panel program called Live Sex Show, and an animated program about Jesus Christ which
sounds like they’re just trying to irritate people.

I’m on record that the remake of Arthur is going to be a disaster. Russell Brand is no Dudley
, and I seriously doubt that Greta Gerwig is going to work as the new Liza Minnelli.

Google has released the list of the 50 Most Popular Women on the Web, and Lady Gaga holds the top spot. Tucked in
amongst curvaceous movies stars and reality wannabees is the divine Betty White at #29.

Out former NBA player John
coined some impressive phrases when making a speech in
front of sports administrators in England, calling them dinosaurs, and taking
aim at "raging blazerati" in power at the existing teams.

John Rich has released a statement that he feels awful that newly out country star Chely Wright misinterpreted his
comments ten years ago celebrating that she said she wasn’t gay – he was just
lusting after her! It wasn’t anti-gay, he just wanted to think he, as a simple
country boy, had a shot!

First Desperate
jumps forward in time, now it’s going backward. Spurf says that crazy murderer Paul
(Mark Moses) is coming back next
season to stir things up on Wisteria Lane once he’s released from prison.

If you want spoilers for the secret J.J. Abrams trailer that premieres before Iron Man 2 tonight, you can click here. But don’t complain
about spoilers if you do. And when did trailers require spoiler warnings?

The Keith Haring exhibit scheduled at California’s
Carmichael Gallery has been canceled without explanation.

Lady Gaga is furious that Fox made four edits to her taped American Idol appearance last night. She
posted the full performance online, but that link has gone dead. Supposedly the
iTunes version is the unedited performance that she wanted her Little Monsters
to see.

Brett Claywell posted some new pictures to his Facebook account. My main questions are 1) What’s up with the hair?; 2) What naughty thoughts does that expression hide?

Inquiring minds and all.

Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on here. And would the goat have done it without the monkey?

Appropriate response?

This six-year-old boy nearly fell from the fire escape on his building in Yinchang, China. People on the ground were alerted to his screams, but authorities are say his ears helped save his life. I think Russell Tovey should adopt him.

Surely it was his head and not his ears?

Late for a haircut?

Stephen Colbert took on the scandal spreading outward from Family Research Council cofounder George Rekers last night on his Alphadog of the Week segment, and introduced us to his new cameraman. It’s good to see the little people that make the show possible, and they didn’t even increase the wardrobe budget.

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Shrek Forever After is doing their dance sequences in 3D, which is kind of scary if you think about a ogre flying at your face. And who knew the Pied Piper had branched out from mice?

I feel a bait-and-switch going on with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. They keep releasing stills of Jake Gyllenhaal from the film, and he’s all shirtless and sweaty. Then we get video after video, including these action parkour sequences, and he’s not only wearing a shirt, he’s almost dressed for snow skiing rather than desert rooftop hopping.

This morning on Good Morning America, weatherman Sam Champion got his Living the Dream segment, and he went swimming with Phillippe Cousteau and the manatees. This is interesting because both Sam and Cousteau look really good in wetsuits.

Sure an iPad is cool, but will it shred? Or is shredding like Flash video? And does this void the warranty? What about if I buy the Applecare?

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