Afternoon Meme: “True Blood” Teases, “8: The Mormon Proposition,” and Nathan Fillion Plays Small But Mighty?

Plus, Neil Patrick Harris dishes on his Glee character, Idina Menzel teases about hers, and ABC’s falls schedule cures insomnia.

The formal descriptions for the first three episodes of True
are out
, and from the looks of it, we get to know Dennis O’Hare as the Vampire King of
Mississippi in the second episode back. But what’s really got me intrigued is the
third episode, where “Eric bequeaths a gift to Lafayette.”

CBS canceled six series today, but the only one you were
likely to be watching was The New
Adventures of Old Christine
, which means that Wanda Sykes has managed a twofer this year on canceled shows.

Having found success by doing a period piece with Mad Men, AMC has ordered a pilot for
something we haven’t seen (except on HBO) in years – a western. Hell On Wheels is said to focus
on the construction
of the transcontinental railroad, which
could get interesting as that was very much a story of immigrants, a hot topic
these days.

Republican Mark Souder resigned from Congress today after it was
revealed he had an affair with a staffer. The kicker is that he had once
recorded an abstinence PSA with the same staffer.

Neil Patrick Harris
describes his turn on Glee tonight as getting to play
“a jackass
” and he also doesn’t rule out that he had an offscreen
affair with Sue Sylvester. Matthew Morrison then jumps in and
claims that Jane Lynch likes to do that with costars – Jane, not Sue. I’m just quoting MTV here.

Off and on, I’ve been covering the school district in
Pennsylvania that activated the webcams on student laptops, and captured 58,000
photos. The court has ruled
that the students have a right to view
any pictures captured from their
laptop, separately from their parents and exclude any pictures they don’t want
their parents to see. A victory for teenage rights that I’m sure some parents will be up in arms over.

A very shaky rumor has Nathan
being wooed to play Ant-Man for Marvel in their first
Disney-owned superhero movie. If Joss Whedon truly is directing The Avengers,
this could be a marketing crossover of epic proportions.

People tend to think of the Internet as a living, breathing
entity. As such, it’s more susceptible to getting sick than folks think.
Originally designed to be able to automatically recover from links broken in a
nuclear war, it’s become remarkably fragile, at least as the bandwidth needs
have become concentrated. It has trouble surviving an encounter with a boat anchor..

We still don’t know precisely what role Idina Menzel is playing in relation to Lea Michele’s Rachel on Glee.
And the actress herself seems to enjoy teasing us, even saying
maybe she wants (an admittedly creepy) lesbian relationship with her doppelganger.
She does promise some answers tonight.

A bunch of photos
from the set of Lost Boys 3 have
. Do you know what they seem to be lacking? Boys. I see a lot
of pictures of teenage girls, and someone who may be a Cory, but not a lot of

ABC’s fall schedule is out and zzzzzzz. Oh – I’m sorry,
I think I dozed off. There’s not a lot of change there concerning shows I
watch. I can’t imagine why they’ve put a legal drama on Wednesday after all their
comedies, and what is arguably a comedic drama on Thursdays before Grey’s Anatomy. Also, I may just be
holding a grudge over Ugly Betty.

Someone has taken the time to create a Periodic Table of Superpowers, but as far as I can
tell, no hero can be created to spell “Ba Co N” like the last periodic table I featured. So this is only my second favorite periodic table. h/t Crawfish
Po Boy

Fans of elder gays Tom
and Ed on Two and a Half Men can rejoice, because Charlie Sheen has signed a deal to bring him back for two more
on the CBS sitcom, so the show will go on. Variety is claiming he’s getting between
$1.8 and $1.9 million per episode, which means the two years work will gross
about $40 million.

The folks over at Best Week Ever have dug up some pictures of Adam Lambert that some believe to be outtakes from his Details shoot. 

Best Week Ever calls this one "Adam Lambert Finally Finds His Keys"

It’s unclear if this is an attachment for your existing umbrella, or if it comes as one piece, but either way this design really needs to make it to mass market quickly. Millions of commuters would buy it, and between the manufacturing of the umbrellas and the coffee sales it could save the entire economy.

I never have enough hands.

And here’s the daily dose of cute I’ve not been giving you.

I’ve spent the last couple days watching trailers for the new fall shows. None of the descriptions sounded less appealing to me than Raising Hope on Fox. You take a slacker who ends up with a baby of a girl in prison he had a brief encounter with, and mix in his weird family and you have this show. Yet I can’t stop laughing at the preview. It’s from the creators of My Name Is Earl, which I hated, but to me it feels more like Arrested Development with poor people. There are actually three clips here that play one after the other.

8: The Mormon Proposition heads to theaters next month, and in support of that we have a new trailer out. This trailer eschews the narration of Dustin Lance Black and goes for the emotional toll Prop 8 had on people. It will never come to my small town, but I’ll get it on BluRay.

And for a giggle, weighs in on the future of smart phones. If they’re going to add whispered advertising to calls, I’m good with it so long as it cuts down my cellular bill, which is outrageous. But can you imagine the ads that would pop up while calling phone sex lines?

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