Afternoon Meme: Tyra’s Manners, Lafayette Moonlights, and OMLG! Ricky Gervais Takes on Golden Globes Again.

Plus, merit badges for video games, Desperate Housewives‘ expiration date, IMAX is the new 3D, and sex, bunnies and rock’n’roll.

OMLG! It seems that the cool kids have quit saying OMG! And have now started saying OMLG!, or “Oh, My Lady Gaga.” If this catches on in the
United States, I fear the religious right may spontaneously combust at the
thought of Lady Gaga replacing God.

Glee is officially
the #1 scripted show
in the coveted 18-49 demographic for the entire

Today’s entry in Stories from the Frontlines is that of LCpl. Danny Hernandez, who was outed as
the result of a bar brawl before he had a chance to deploy. This just
highlights how the policy doesn’t work – he didn’t tell, someone with a
vendetta did.

In a rather obvious grab for higher ticket prices, Warner
has announced IMAX versions of over 20 films between now and 2013. Likely suspects include Legends
of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole
the remaining Harry Potter films
and the next Dark Knight.
Interestingly, they also name Superman,
which is the first I’ve heard of a timeline for it.

To quote a very smart blogger, beware anything that starts
with “Some of my best friends are gay…” because it can’t end
anywhere good. I’d say the same about anything that attempts to define “normal”
vs. “abnormal.”

In a promo for MTV Belgium’s new Breeding
, you can watch bunnies wearing t-shirts having graphic sex.
The t-shirts bear names like Amy Winehouse, Axl Rose, Johnny Cash and Iggy Pop.
I can’t really do it justice, you just need to watch. Possibly NSFW. Almost
certainly Not Safe for PETA. brings us the happy story about out Columbia University sprinter Cory Benton and the
support he found from his team when he came out.

Yesterday’s Family
Research Council
video in Briefs proved very popular for discussion. Who
knew that it was part of a series that FRC sells for $15 each?

There is such a thing as a Geocitie-izer
for websites
. See how would look on the defunct web property.

Ricky Gervais will again host the Golden Globe Awards,
just in case there was someone he had failed to offend the last time.

I don’t know the difference in earning a “belt loop” vs. a “badge” in the Boy Scouts, but you
can now earn one of each for video games. Remember when the scouts went

Before tragically committing suicide, fashion
designer Alexander McQueen
took a mix of tranquilizers, sleeping pills
and cocaine.

If you want to know what the end-of-credits Easter Egg in Iron Man 2
is, you can look here. And to see one of the late DJ AM’s last appearances, click here.

Speculation abounds that Desperate Housewives has got
two more years
in it, tops. After that, they can make a spinoff called Slutty
with the same actresses.

Conan O’Brien’s
contractual prohibition against television appearances expires May 1, and he’s wasted no
time booking an interview with 60
which will air that same day. For their part, 60 Minutes is unsure what to do when someone not on Medicare
watches their show.

It looks like our favorite True Blood V dealer did some moonlighting over the break from filming. Here’s Nelsan Ellis in Disney’s upcoming Secretariat in which he plays Eddie Sweat.

His outfit makes the jockey’s oufit look tame.

I know we’ve shown Tron: Legacy‘s blue lightcycle, and the yellow lightcycle, but I can’t remember showing them both together.

Are they snuggling or smashing?

Neilsen says the number of televisions in the average American home is up to 2.93. I know that I’m helping that average with six televisions.

I want video walls.

This chair could change my life – I’d never have to move, I could just sleep, work, and watch TV.

Shanghai Expo 2010 prepares to open May 1. We’ve featured some of the weird buildings that different countries are exhibiting before, but this takes the cake. This 21-foot-tall baby will greet visitors, breathing, blinking and making general baby noises.

This is just creepy.

I’m not at all sure what a Waka Flocka Flame is, even after reading a profile saying he’s a musician. I do know that around his neck dangles a solid gold Fozzy Bear though.

Who picks Fozzy Bear as their favorite Muppet?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson seems to be having a ton of fun in New York City this summer. Today he was backstage at The Rachel Ray Show, and they fed him breakfast.

This looks awfully fancy for Rachel Ray.

This puppy thinks he’s strong, carrying something bigger than he is.

I knew that the volcano in Iceland had grounded air traffic across Europe, but it’s sort of hard to imagine what came to a stop thanks to nature’s fury. This time lapse shows how Europe came back to life post-ash cloud.

Tyra Banks is a class act. Why didn’t she do another take?

Modern Family continues to explore Cam‘s hidden talents. Tonight it’s going to be music. One of the things I love about Cam is what a little beyotch he can be when he’s making a point. Teenagers all need a Cam in their lives.

I hadn’t seen this behind-the-scenes Glee featurette about the history between Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. I knew they had been besties since Spring Awakening, and it’s nice to see the show acknowledge it.

This new trailer for Toy Story 3 skipped the obvious joke with Ken and let Barbiehave it. Despite my hope that Ken might somehow steal the show, this trailer reminds us it’s really all about Buzz and Woody.

Last week we debuted the True Blood poster with Bill Compton‘s face on the blood bottles, but I don’t remember showing you this video on the same subject.

And finally, just because, here’s a puppy who is literally afraid of his own shadow.

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