Afternoon Meme: Wonder Woman’s Makeover, “B&S” Cuts More Cast, and “Freaks and Geeks” Is Back

Plus Elijah Wood talks to dogs, Kylie Minogue has Attitude, and Robyn‘s 3D music video.

Adorable little Elijah
is set to star in a pilot for FX called Wilfred, based on an Australian show of the same name. He
plays opposite a foul-mouthed, pot smoking dog. The bonus is that this is not a
CGI dog, but a guy in a dog costume. There are some highlights from the Aussie
show at the link, but be warned about the language if you’re at work.

If you’re got a pair of red/blue 3D glasses lying around
(and a door to your office for a lot of f-bombs) go check out Robyn’s interactive 3D video for her song  “Killing Me” which punches the lyrics home by
literally flying them in-your-face.

IFC has picked up all episodes of cult hit Freaks and Geeks, along with Undeclared and plans to air the former starting Friday, and the
latter starting in the fall.

An oil futures trader who went in to the office drunk after a company golf bender and made unauthorized
trades that changed the global price of oil by $1.65 has been fined $114,000.

Brothers & Sisters
is correcting an old mistake, and writing Rebecca
out of the series. The actress confirms that she’s back for a couple episodes
to wrap the storyline up, then she’s moving on. If you can believe it, on the non-gay boards people are upset about this.

Carrie Bradshaw is dead, long live Liz Lemon!

After the unresearched hit piece on gay media in the Village Voice last week, The Bilerico Project publishes a piece about the
thriving online gay media scene.

Still no jetpack, but the Terrafugia Transition flying car has gotten an
FAA waiver allowing it to head to production. You can put down a deposit on a
$194,000 piece of the future.

Because the media ran out of things to talk about, Russell T. Davies is supposedly writing a big screen movie version of Doctor Who, and Johnny Depp is attached to star. Big,
huge grain of salt here folks.

A Taxonomy of
Logical Fallacies

Sexy Dominic Cooper
is confirmed to play a young Howard Stark in the Captain America film starring Chris Evans. I wonder if he called Robert Downey, Jr. and said “Who’s your

An oblivious conservative in Dallas thinks that shows like
True Blood mimicking the gay rights
struggle is making a mockery of the subject, completely missing the point that
it’s highlighting it to mainstream audiences and being done with a gay man at
the helm.

Reader cufflinksandtie
tipped me to this slide show from Paris Fashion week which features something I’d never seen before –
a redhead with a handlebar mustache in a sheer sweater
carrying a manpurse. Five and twelve are my favorites.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld their constitutional ban on gay marriage.
While disappointing, the technical challenge was a bit of a long shot.

The Facebook group Wipeout
Homophobia on Facebook
is a bit of a pain to type, but a lot of fun to
follow. And full of rainbows!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Sarah Palin makes an overpriced speaking engagement at a California
university to talk about her hero Ronald Reagan,
and talked about him going to a fictitious California college.
And yes, this is the speech that the reporters were caught on an open
microphone talking about how dumb she was. Sorry, Hasselbeck, she earned that one.

Snoop Dogg tried to rent out Liechtenstein. Not a painting, the
country. He wanted to rent the entire tiny country for a video shoot. They said
if he’d given them more notice, they would have allowed it.

An environmental group is raising money to rent 100 vuvuzelas and pay 100 people
to play them for an entire workday outside the BP headquarters. There are some oil soaked pelicans who think that may be taking things too far. 

Here are 25 Celebrities and Their Animal Lookalikes. We’d
already featured Taylor Lautner and Larry King separately, but I think
their choice for Mark Wahlberg is

Today, in the comic books, Wonder Woman got a makeover for the 21st century. She gets pants, and from my perspective, breast implants. The New York Times looks at the change, while ABC talks to Linda Carter who likes the new look, and wants them to address why she changed in the storyline. Jim Lee brings a unique perspective, saying that when he draws Wonder Woman in her old costume, she looks normal, but seeing Linda Carter in the costume makes her seem naked. Is this a step on the path to a live-action Wonder Woman movie?

The hair is not working for me.

I’m sure only myself and one other person care, but you can now create your own Minion from the upcoming Despicable Me, the movie I’m oddly fascinated with. Share yours in the comments if you like.

The hair is working for me.

UK gay glossy Attitude scored a feature with Kylie Minogue. I’m still reading it, but I keep getting distracted by the hot guys on every page in Speedos and plastic jumpsuits, which I keep trying to understand, since they seem contradictory.

Trying to stay dry in clothes meant to get wet? Just like a gay pool party!

If you guys think that my fascination with Muppets is weird, well, you haven’t met zoologist Mike Dickison who gives a very academic talk on his PhD research into flightless birds. Yes, I’m talking about big, yellow flightless birds that live on Sesame Street.

In a red carpet interview prior to The Trevor Project‘s Summer Gala, Ally Sheedy, best known for The Breakfast Club, told the press that her support of GLBT rights was personal, as her own daughter had just come out. Realizing what she’d said, she then asked her daughter if it was O.K. that she’d said that. Celebrity moms are just like regular moms, telling stories about their kids without thinking. Ally’s mom also came out as a lesbian back in the 1980s.

Here’s the new theatrical trailer for the Ryan Murphy directed Eat, Pray, Love. It stars Julia Roberts as what I can only assume is a rich woman who can afford to take time off from a successful job to bum around the world, eating great food and taking in incredible scenery after being dumped by James Franco.

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